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Article Date: 30th November 2020

SafetyWorks & Solutions Free Standing & Fixed Guardrails

SafetyWorks fixed guardrails

SafetyWorks & Solutions manufacture a wide range of free standing and fixed guardrails systems to suit most applications. Our basic range of free-standing guardrails with a straight or raked leg with folding handrails and aesthetically pleasing curved guardrails are available too.

Why choose the EasyGuard free standing guardrail range?

Adaptable – the handrails are adjustable up to 250mm above the base plate enabling raising the top rail easily to 1100mm above the finished surface when used on Green Roofs and Ballasted or Inverted Roofs.

Level – our free standing handrails are easily levelled on tapered insulation schemes and soon counter roof falls, on all our free standing guardrails the rails will follow the line of the up-standing providing improved aesthetics from ground level.

Durable – all the components on our systems are galvanised steel, unlike lightweight aluminium systems components and joins will not fatigue and fail.

User Friendly – The long thin base plates provide reduced point loads onto roof membranes and insulation and are less likely to sink than counterweighted systems. The base plates will slide easily under roof top plant.

Trips – with counterweights only used to secure untied ends of the system and not along its length, there is a vastly reduced risk of trips over the system.

Protection – All base plates and any counterweights are fitted with a bonded ribbed rubber mats with EPDM foam in-fill to reduce heat transference onto roof membranes, which can lead to roof membrane degradation and reduce the risk of damage.

Tested to the following:

  • BS/EN13374 Class A – Free standing guardrails (exceeded)
  • HSE/SR 15 Sept 1988 – Leading edge protection
  • BS/EN 6180 – Fixed handrails to EN 7883 Loads

Finishes: standard finish hot dipped galvanised to BS/EN 1461 1999 and powder coated – any standard RAL or BS Number to BS/EN 6496 1984.

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