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Article Date: 28th January 2020

Uponor Supports DIY SOS Project in Bolton

Uponor DIY SOS Image

Whether a domestic or commercial project, at Uponor, we pride ourselves on providing total solution systems for the safe transportation of water around a building. Recently, after being let down by another supplier, the team at BBC’s DIY SOS approached us to provide a solution for their latest project – the refurbishment of a home for autistic nine-year old, William Taylor-Mann.

With just nine days to complete the entire build, based in Bolton, the team at DIY SOS required pipes, fittings and connections to completely re-plumb a flow and return circuit heating system. Working to a strict timeline, with no leeway for delays, the project required products that would be quick and easy to install but that were also reliable and provided reassurance against leaks, as the team would have no time to go back and fix mistakes. Moreover, as multiple trades were working on the project in tandem, the system had to be safe to install alongside other construction work. Here’s how we did it:

Stepping in to help, we supplied our multilayer composite pipe (MLCP) Installed as one run of pipe, our MLCP requires less connections throughout the system, making it quicker and easier to install. The reduced need for connections also improves system integrity and safeguards it against leaks, meaning other tradespeople at the DIY SOS project could immediately begin work around the system.

Our MLCP system requires no hot works during installation. Using press fit fittings, the system is flame free so there were no health and safety risks to other tradespeople working in the vicinity, an important consideration for the DIY SOS project. The lack of fittings required when installing MLCP provided additional benefits to the Taylor-Mann family. William’s Autism makes him very sensitive to noise and is affected by resonance in pipes, a common side effect of the use of fittings in a heating system.

New plumbing also had to be integrated into the original copper system so we supplied adapters meaning the extension and renovations could integrate seamlessly with the old system. This reduced the amount of work required and created cost savings for the project – much needed when it relied heavily on donations and voluntary work.

Talking about our ability to step in at the last minute, Wayne Burgess of Ren Tech, the plumbing and heating engineer for the project, said: “We were incredibly disappointed to be let down last minute for such an important job so we were over the moon when Uponor stepped in to help immediately. As soon as we explained the project, Uponor only had one question; ‘how can we help?’. Throughout the project we didn’t have one joint failure and despite some very complex plumbing, the system was easy to install – it truly was the best we could have used. The lack of fittings required for the system not only made it quick and simple to install but provided the best acoustic solution for the family.”

This project has shone a light on the extended benefits of the Uni Pipe Plus MLCP system for those with autism or sensitive to sound. With full product stock and nationwide availability, it was easy to get the product to Wayne straight away and saving 50% on labour time it was perfect for this tight turnaround.

We are very pleased to hear that the system installed has provided numerous benefits to William and his family. From schools, to hospitals, to family homes, we look forward to helping others with the same condition in future installs.

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