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Article Date: 6th January 2020

Checkit - Why Provide an Environment that Facilitates Wellbeing in the Workplace?

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With increasing awareness on the effects of mental health and employee performance, landlords and business owners must ensure that they are providing an environment that facilitates wellbeing in the workplace. Setting a high standard for providing such an environment in both a physical and psychological perspective not only creates happier and healthier employees but boosts performance and profits amongst both businesses and landlords.

When a building is operating in an optimal way, it will create an environment that facilitates wellbeing and this has positive long-term benefits not only for the people using the building, but also for the landlords and owners of the building. A happy workforce is more productive and in turn, helps businesses become more profitable, this leads to them occupying buildings for longer, meaning landlords and estate managers have long term, happy tenants.

By 2025, it’s estimated that millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce, and according to co-working provider Mindspace, 21% of millennials have rejected a job because of uninspiring or poorly designed offices. We are sure that this number will rise in coming years. So, it is essential to act now by creating a healthy and happy work environment that facilitates wellbeing in the workplace. One of the most critical ways you can do this is by making sure the workplace remains the correct temperature. When you get it right, it goes unnoticed, and that’s how we like it.

When a building’s heating, lighting and ventilation are set correctly, the people using that building won’t notice, and that’s the whole point. You never hear someone saying “the lighting in here is perfect” or “the temperature is just right”, but if it isn’t, you will most certainly hear about it, and it will of course, affect the performance of the people. Nobody works at their best in an environment that is too hot or too cold.

Cranking the heating up to the max in the winter and turning the air conditioning full-on in the summer isn’t the answer. Still, it is what can happen in many workplaces. What should happen is that buildings are continuously monitored and measured to ensure they stay at a constant temperature, no matter the time of year or outside air temperature (OAT). This is something that our software, working in conjunction with your BMS, can achieve. Moreover, we can remotely monitor and manage a whole range of parameters to ensure an optimum environment is maintained.

By creating an environment that facilitates wellbeing in the workplace, you are building happy, healthy employees with increased productivity. By doing this, they not only work more efficiently but will want to stay with a company much longer, reducing a high turnover rate and maximising profitability.

To break it down, here are five reasons why you should build and maintain an environment that looks after its employees:

• Providing environments that facilitate wellbeing in the workplace helps with recruitment as well as retention. As previously mentioned, 1/5 millennials have rejected job offers due to uninspired workplaces.

• Looking after employees physical and mental health boosts wellness and reduces days absent due to illness, which helps the reliability of a workforce.

• Employees feel motivated to give back to their employer by working harder helping the company they work for, to reach their KPIs. The bottom line is that by supporting wellbeing in the workplace, you are increasing productivity.

• In the age of the internet where every complaint is exacerbated through social media, you do not want to be known as the company who doesn’t care. You want to avoid negative word of mouth at all costs, and for positive word of mouth to spread.

• You can save money! On top of factoring all the examples given which in themselves save money, you can reduce the costs of your energy bills by monitoring and controlling the building performance from any device.

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