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Lighting Styles - Fire Exit & Emergency Lighting
Primarily intended to provide sufficient illumination to enable people to see their way safely out of a building in cases of emergency, falling into two categories: Emergency Escape Lighting Escape Route lighting, High Risk Task Area Lighting & Open Area (Anti-Panic) Lighting and Standby Lighting. It is vital that emergency lighting comes on if the normal lighting fails. It needs to be sufficiently bright, illuminated for enough time...Read More
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Zip-Clip - Why Use Wire?
Early in the nineteenth century, visionary engineers discovered that, when steel is drawn into wires, its strength could increase – which means a flexible wrap of steel wires is stronger than a solid steel bar of the same diameter. Based on this insight, they developed the forerunners of the modern wire-cable suspension bridge. Today, many of the world’s most famous bridges routinely rely on this superior strength ratio. They can carry...Read More
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Polyflor - Cardiff City Offers the VIP Treatment with Expona Commercial...
Cardiff City Stadium, home to the Cardiff City Premier League Football Team recently shone the spotlight on their hospitality suite with the renovation of selected spaces, including their 12 Executive Boxes. Boasting superior views of the pitch and the option of private dining, the Executive Boxes are designed to offer their occupiers the ultimate VIP experience of Cardiff City Stadium. With the ability to host up to 12 guests the modest space...Read More
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Piller, The Data Centre Community & The WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund
Piller, the global power protection leader, is pleased to acknowledge the data centre audience who attended its recent webinar series, The Future of Data Center UPS Power at Scale, with a charitable donation to the WHO COVID-Solidarity Response Fund. Global data centre operators, developers and engineers attended webinars in 11 time zones from North America to Australia, the UK, Central Europe, the Middle East, China and Japan...Read More
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Marshall-Tufflex Supplies Plymouth Lighthouse Labs
When a new COVID-19 Lighthouse Laboratory was approved in Plymouth in November 2020, the Government required a quick turnaround to set up the testing facility to meet demand and tackle the virus. After its proven success in supplying the Nightingale Hospitals, Totus Engineering specified Marshall-Tufflex PowerPoles and Odyssey Bio trunking to complete the fit out. In March 2020, the Government launched facilities...Read More
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Danfoss Drives - Round-The-Clock Reliability Drives Competitive Farming
Discover how VLT® drives reduce risk and maintain uptime in the 24/7 Van Asten operations. By introducing innovative climate control, health initiatives, feeding solutions and sustainable energy systems, the Van Asten Group has redefined livestock farming. Owner Marko Van Asten takes farming to the next level, with Danfoss drives controlling many aspects of his modern pig farming operations. Van Asten operates six farms in the Netherlands...Read More
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