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Advanced - Prime Power vs Standby Power
ABB, Compact High-Power Charger The Difference Between Prime & Standby - Generator Power Ratings Explained If you’ve spent time searching for a generator for your home, business or recreation, you will more than likely have stumbled across the phrases “prime rated” and “standby rated”. But what exactly does this mean? Simply put, these terms refer to how much power the generator can supply in 2 different use cases: Standby Power - When a generator is used as...Read More
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Breathing Buildings Passive Ventilation
Breathing Buildings, Passive Ventilation Passive ventilation is an important part of all natural ventilation systems, whether providing automated windows in a room, passive acoustic attenuators or high level dampers in an atrium. We have a comprehensive range of natural ventilation products. Passive Stacks Breathing Buildings offer a full range of passive ventilation products, either as standalone products or incorporated into a Breathing Buildings system...Read More
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DMS - Save Your Gas System From Harmful Debris
Breathing Buildings, Passive Ventilation DMS Metering Solutions supply Top Hat Filters, aka Commissioning filters, top hat filters are usually deployed in the beginning/start-up phase of an installation, to remove any debris/foreign bodies from the system, they can be removed once the system has been cleansed. Top hat filters are easy to fit and are located between the mating flanges in the pipeline. - If you are adding a Commissioning filter to a vertically installed meter ...Read More
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ABB Launches Compact High-Power Charger Ideal For Urban Needs
ABB, Compact High-Power Charger An extension of the best-selling Terra range, the new 180kW Terra 184 is the most compact high-power charger with the highest power density on the market According to the UN, cities are responsible for more than 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and by 2050 are expected to be home to more than two thirds of the world’s population. It is, therefore, vital that these rapidly expanding urban hubs take proactive steps...Read More
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BMI Icopal - School’s Re-Roofing Project Shapes Up Nicely
BMI Icopal, re-roofing Geometrically-shaped with many facets, the roofs of Thorpepark Academy in Hull now have a guaranteed extra 20 years of life after being fitted with a cost-effective overlay system devised by AHR consultants and BMI. Built in the 1960s, this primary school consists of two separate hexagonal buildings, each of which has a hexagonal classroom at its centre, used for assemblies, drama and physical education. The roofs were...Read More
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