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Honeywell Security - Know It’s Safer, Show It’s Safer
Honeywell Security know its safe With solutions for every business size and budget, we can help you safely reopen for business while addressing new challenges. Complying to social distancing regulations is a new challenge for business owners and building managers as they work to create safer and healthier spaces. It is important to understand occupancy levels to meet social distancing guidelines. Deploying technology to automate people counting, people flow...Read More
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Waterloo - Don’t Panic – Poised & Ready for the Next Phase
Waterloo don't panic As the country moves into the next phase of the pandemic, the work of building services firms will be more important than ever, according to Waterloo Managing Director Russell Shenton. The air movement and ventilation sector is still highly disrupted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Looking ahead it is not clear what the new normal is going to be. As governments continue to grapple with appropriate and timely measures one thing is clear, legislation...Read More
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C&B Systems - Schäfer Range SGVK Lockers
C&B SVGK lockers Store clothing safely and cleanly – this is the purpose of wardrobe systems and staff lockers. We think that a certain extra something when it comes to exclusivity, design, form and colour is what makes an excellent cabinet system. That is why our cloakroom facilities and furnishing elements are real highlights in the changing area. The locker systems and staff lockers from Schäfer Trennwandsysteme satisfy all the requirements placed...Read More
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Advanced - Load Bank Testing: What It Is & Why You Need It
Advanced load bank testing The fundamental function for any diesel generator is to provide reliable power when it's required avoiding a loss of productivity when mains power cuts out or becomes unreliable, whether due to a storm, routine maintenance, or any other circumstances. It is your diesel generator being there that gives you that peace of mind, should a power issue of any kind happen, you have it covered with backup power. But what happens if you strike up...Read More
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Gilberts - A Breath of Fresh Air in New Airport Terminal
Gilberts breath of fresh air How do you ensure a fresh, comfortable environment in an internal space the size of 11 football pitches, which can accommodate the transfer of up to 55 million people a year? You turn to the locally based, national experts in air movement. Thus, Gilberts Blackpool has provided almost 2,630 ventilation grilles and diffusers to provide fresh air into the new Manchester Airport T2 extension. “It’s been a challenge. We had to balance...Read More
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ABB Emergi-Lite - How Smart Emergency Lighting Contributes to Intelligent...
ABB Emergi-Lite smart emergency lighting Energy transition and connectivity are important topics in the world of buildings today. Buildings are responsible for more than 42 percent of the world’s energy consumption. Over the next 25 years, worldwide energy demand is expected to grow more than 40 percent. To transform buildings into greener spaces with reduced energy consumption and emissions, buildings are facing more stringent sustainability targets. Smart...Read More
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