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Titon - Is your Trickle Vent open?
titon, trickle vent As properties grow evermore air tight in the quest for energy efficiency, it is essential to maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment by opening your window trickle vents. Trickle vents are the best option for controlled and secure background ventilation. Ventilation through handle ‘night vent’ positions is actively discouraged so as to eliminate the risk of break-in. A trickle vent is a device usually fitted at the top of a window...Read More
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Frenger Systems - Cornice - Hotel Chilled Beams
Frenger, chilled beams Designed to discreetly nestle directly above beds in hotel rooms and provide high levels of cooling/heating whilst maintaining the highest Thermal Comfort and lowest Noise Rating. The units induce room air into the heat exchanger, then reintroduce the reconditioned air along with fresh air at high level, that entrains across the ceiling. The Cornice™ unit is non illuminated as standard but has an option for integrated lighting. The LED lighting...Read More
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Viessmann - Do Heat Pumps Use a Lot of Electricity?
viessmann, heat pumps With concerns over global warming increasing, there is growing pressure on energy consumers to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that is released into the atmosphere each year. While this responsibility might partly fall to homeowners, it’s ultimately down to brands to produce more eco-friendly products that can be used in homes and businesses. Although gas boilers are still the preferred choice in the UK, more people...Read More
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Uponor - Smart District Heating & Cooling Networks
Uponor, smart district heating The Ecoflex system provides a wide range of innovative and energy efficient pre-insulated pipes, fittings and accessories that can be used in a variety of building types and applications. It provides an easy and economical way to transport water for heating-, cooling-, and water distribution. The network installation can be handled quickly and efficiently, even in the most difficult conditions on site. The smart system design of product lines...Read More
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Burland Electropatent - The New Cobra ADU
Burland, cobra adu Introducing the Cobra ADU. In black and anodised, includes desk clamp and 1m fly lead. Mains sold separately. Simple, elegant and robust. Above desk power module for the office or home workstation. Burland Technology Solutions has a commitment to innovate, and many of our products have been industry firsts that have led the way for others to follow. Starting with the Burland Box, which was patented in 1994, Burland has continued...Read More
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