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Daikin UK - New R32 Heatpump Chiller
The new global first Bluevolution R32 ASHP will provide a stable ambient loop to serve individual Daikin GEO R32 units per residency for domestic heating and hot water production on collective residential schemes. A total solution by Daikin UK. Daikin Airconditioning UK Ltd provides innovative, premium quality, indoor climate management solutions to meet the changing needs of our residential, commercial and industrial....Click to Watch
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Wieland Electric - IIoT Gateway – Machine data and remote... Featured Video
wileland elctric,m IIoT Gateway With the IIoT Gateway from Wieland Electric, data on the status of your machine or plant can be called up not only from anywhere. You also have the possibility to access your plant. This makes maintenance work efficient and cost-saving. With one click you can send all data to a secure cloud through the integrated gateway and VPN functions. Learn more about the functionality and advantages of the Wieland Electric IIoT Gateway and...Click to Watch
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Bilco UK - Operations re-opening from 4 May
Bilco, Operations re-opening 4 May In line with the Government’s modified workplace guidance, some construction sites are now re-opening having developed safe ways of working. We are therefore re-opening our production and warehousing facilities from 4 May in order to meet customer demand in key market sectors. During the past week, the Government has modified its workplace guidance for employers and employees. This has resulted in some construction sites...Read More
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Breathing Buildings - Cold Draught Calculator
breathing buildings, cold draught calculator Nobody wants the risk of cold draughts with a ventilation system. Our cold draught calculator shows whether a system will give occupants a cold draught or not. The Science of Cold Draughts - We are often told by consultants, clients and engineers that the two main problems with natural ventilation are cold draughts or the high energy usage previously associated with alleviating the draughts. We agree and that is where the e-stack® natural ventilation...Read More
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Smart-Space - Adapting Working Environments to Allow for Social Distancing
smart space, adapting working environments As a country we are working hard to adapt our businesses during this difficult time. But what about afterwards? Whilst the enforced government lockdown has caused major headaches for literally every business going, there’s more to come as we start to get back to ‘normal’. There will be all sorts of issues to navigate as we start to bring people back together safely and carefully. Consider your canteen or work restaurant for instance...Read More
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