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Roxtec - Protecting Life & Assets
At Roxtec, we are experts in cable and pipe sealing technology. We work with the wildest things to meet the toughest challenges, and we have become truly successful by creating amazing sealing solutions that ensure safety, efficiency, and operational reliability in a wide range of demanding projects worldwide. Our seals make all the difference. Enjoy the video and discover what we do...Click to Watch
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Wieland Electric - Wienet IP Tool for IIoT Gateway
This Wienet IP tool for IIoT Gateway simplifies the integration into the machine network. It further helps with the Identification and view of all devices in the network the gateway can be found in the network easily even if the IP address has changed. Its biggest perk is the considerable time saving during implementation or adjustment of the gateway...Click to Watch
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Halton Skyline Culinary & Human Centric Light
Halton Skyline is the first LED based lighting technology specifically developed for professional kitchens. Everyone agrees the light it provides is simply the closest possible to natural light. Halton Skyline combines the benefits of a Culinary Light and a Human Centric Light. Respect of the food colour and plasticity, wellbeing of the staff and safety are the key benefits. The impact of lighting in professional kitchens has often been...Read More
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Polyflor - Colonia Wood PUR Brings Nordic Minimalist Style to Hertfordshire...
Imagine owning a house with no CO2 producing gas supply that generates energy so efficiently that you receive back more in rebates than you are charged for the electricity you consume. This may seem like fiction, but for David and Gill Jay it is a reality. Through a combination of careful design and innovative technology, their home achieves a very high SAP rating of 97, meaning it costs less to run than its current annual energy...Read More
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CMD - Vision H Ergonomic Workstation
This new ergonomic workstation, with the option of integrated power and charging module, has been designed to offer ergonomic support for home workers. The range includes a single monitor support, a dual monitor support, and a single monitor and laptop support. It can be adjusted to a range of heights to suit individual users to help prevent a range of problems such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and neck, shoulder and back pain...Read More
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Armstrong's Design Envelope EVERCOOL™ Solution Wins HVR 2020 Product...
The 11th annual HVR Awards took place on Thursday 15 October and, while the established industry event was unable to go ahead in its traditional format, the live stream served as an incredible celebration of the very best products, businesses and initiatives from across the heating and ventilating sector. Hundreds of professionals tuned in to the live-stream hosted by critically acclaimed comedian Ian Moore and the voice of the National Lottery...Read More
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