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Danfoss Heating - D19 Plate Heat Exchanger
Danfoss Heating, D19 Plate Heat Exchanger The Danfoss D19 is the first plate heat exchanger that features the revolutionary new D-plate technology. Our engineers have enhanced the way heat exchanger plates are designed with the introduction of the new D-plate series. Drawing on years of experience within heat transfer technology and deep application knowledge, we have made significant upgrades to the traditional Fishbone plates to truly redefine the way we think of...Click to Watch
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nVent RAYCHEM TraceTek TT-FFS | Fast Fuel Sensor
nVent, TraceTek, fast fuel sensor nVent RAYCHEM Tracetek Fast Fuel Sensor is a fast acting probe designed to detect hydrocarbon fuel floating on water, spreading on a flat surface or collecting in a sump. The probe ignores water, but detects a thin film of fuel floating on the surface. Reaction time for the probe is typically a few seconds for light or middle weight fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel. It is also responsive to crude oil and some heavier weight...Click to Watch
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CMD - Why Wireless Lighting is the Perfect Solution When Repurposing Industrial...
CMD, wireless lighting One of the most attractive features of an industrial building is the amount of available space. However, on a practical level, larger spaces require more lighting, and as lighting accounts for an average of 40% of building operations costs, it goes without saying that this is an area that can be a huge financial drain. The beauty of wireless lighting is that you have custom control of your environment and can remotely manage the lighting levels...Read More
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Uponor BIM Library For MEP Designers & Engineers
Uponor BIM Create flawless installations for your next heating or plumbing project by utilising Uponor's BIM software library. With thousands of products to choose from, you will find the right solution for you. Uponor offer an extensive Building Information Modelling (BIM) files library, which is designed to significantly improve project efficiency through collaboration and the coordination of information and resources. The ability to quickly find...Read More
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C&B Systems Schafer Range VK13 Shower Dividing Wall
C&B Systems, Shower Dividing Wal Perfectly equipped shower areas Easily achieved with shower partitions from C&B Systems using the Schafer range VK13. These are not only part and parcel of a fully-equipped wet area, but also offer guests a certain extra something when it comes to privacy. Comfort and well-being included. In heavily frequented areas such as swimming pools, wellness facilities or fitness studios, absolutely waterproof and easy-to-clean constructions...Read More
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VEKA plc Concludes Business Review
Veka business review Following the announcement that Burnley based uPVC window system company VEKA plc planned to launch a consultation process, the business has now concluded this process and can confirm that 25 jobs have been made redundant. Having taken all available actions to ensure VEKA plc remains a successful and sustainable business, the effects of the pandemic resulted in the business failure of two important customers...Read More
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