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Frenger - University of Washington - Life Sciences Building
Frenger University of Washington The University of Washington Life Science Building, which utilises Frenger’s X-Wing Radiant Passive Chilled Beams, contains multiple sustainable features that helped it achieve LEED gold criteria such as: reusing water for greenhouse irrigation, solar glass fins that shade offices and generate electricity, along with the use of Frenger's Radiant Passive Chilled Beams, 'X-Wing®', providing energy efficient cooling with no noise and minimal...Click to Watch
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Piller - Redefining UPS Topologies - Electrical & Mechanical Coupling
Piller Redefining UPS Topologies Different types of UPS exist. Fundamentally, a UPS is either electrically coupled or mechanically coupled. While they ultimately do the same thing – providing a conditioned and uninterrupted power supply – the differences between mechanically coupled and electrically coupled can cause confusion. Why is coupling important? Coupling differences are important as they can each offer benefits and limitations in determining...Click to Watch
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Honeywell Gent - Rav's COMMISSIONTool
Honeywell Gent Rav's Commission Tool Honeywell Gent is proud to see Rav Sispal’s work being recognised after all his hard work. We are grateful that he chose to work on Gent products which earned him a First Class MSci Honours. Read his full article… I’m grateful to have received such a profoundly positive response from Honeywell Gent and its customers for my efforts to develop a new concept fire alarm Commissioning Tool, as a part of my Computer Science Degree...Read More
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TROX - Healthy Air Even with the Windows Shut. TROX Presents a New Type...
TROX New Air Purifier Falling temperatures, poorly ventilated rooms, interiors with increased levels of use, aerosols – an unhealthy mixture when we are faced with viruses. TROX has launched a new type of air purifier to the market demonstrating what the ventilation and air conditioning industry can do to address some of the issues we currently face. The unit represents the ideal solution for indoor areas where there is insufficient mechanical ventilation...Read More
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LG - Heat Pump Thought Leadership
LG Heat Pump Thought Leadership Many people find it strange that heat pumps – in particular air to water heat pumps – that are tried and tested, proven technology, ready to help us attack the decarbonisation of the heating sector are still lagging behind fossil fuelled heating systems across Europe because of the belated love affair we still have in this country in particular, with oil and gas boilers. With heating responsible for around 50% of the energy used in Europe...Read More
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ABB Launches Lightest, Smallest MirEvo Twinspot
ABB Emergi-Lite MirEvo Twinspot As demand for lightweight and high-performing lighting products continues to grow, ABB introduces its new MirEvo TwinSpot. With its unique ultra slimline LED design and high lumen output, the MirEvo TwinSpot is ideal for use in large spaces and high ceiling installations in commercial or industrial applications. Featuring fully adjustable heads with 140° beam angle and DALI compatible, the new affordable model offers 500 lumens...Read More
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