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Roxtec Module Holder – For Easy Installation of Cable and Pipe Seals
Roxtec Module Holder Discover the Roxtec module holder tool and learn how to simplify and speed up installation work. You can use it to prevent sealing modules from falling and to keep away disturbing elements when performing horizontal installations as well as for keeping stayplates in place during vertical installations...

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Siemens BP Smart Building - During and Beyond the Pandemic
Siemens,smart buildings Have you ever wondered how building technology can support us when adapting to the "new normal"?
Find some of the answers in the video....

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AET's Underfloor Air Conditioning Used in Award-Winning Renovation...
AET, grade-2 listed renovation An innovative underfloor air conditioning system has allowed key period features to be preserved in the renovation of grade-2 listed building, 24 St James Square. British company AET Flexible Space provided an underfloor air conditioning system which fits into the existing space beneath a raised-access floor, thus removing the need for any ceiling-based ductwork and the need for a lowered ceiling....Read More
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Airedale - A Bit Of Light Cleaning: Barkell Launch UV Coil Disinfecting Solution
aet, barkell, uv coil disinfecting solution Barkell, the UK’s leading air handling specialists, have announced the launch of LightGuard™, a UV coil cleaning solution, to aid companies concerned about the safety of occupied buildings in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. UV disinfection systems are coming to the forefront of the battle against Covid-19 and being deployed in airports, hospitals, personal hygiene systems and now air handling units. LightGuard™ uses...Read More
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Harlequin Floors - Sophie Jung’s 'They Might Stay the Night' Exhibition...
Harlequin Floors, Hi-Shine Sophie Jung is an award-winning artist with an unconventional approach to sculptures and exhibits. Her latest exhibition features a vast silver Harlequin Hi-Shine vinyl floor. The London and Basel based artist uses everyday objects in her art, yet her creations are anything but mundane. In sometimes humorous, sometimes angry and sometimes absurd ways, she invites the viewer into her chaotic and incomplete world...Read More
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