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Advanced Super-Silent Bespoke Telecoms Diesel Generator Delivery
Advanced Super-Silent Bespoke Telecoms Diesel Generator This Bespoke-Built Acoustic Canopy contains a 40 kVA Perkins Diesel Generator. The Silent Generator will provide backup power to a telephone exchange in Aberdeen, Scotland. From design and manufacture to installation and commissioning, Advanced provide acoustic enclosures, generators and plant rooms for a wide range of applications including prison security, hospital emergency power and data centre stand-by systems...Click to Watch
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Checkit - Fast-track to Transformation: Close Process Gaps to Open New...
Checkit fast track to transformation What’s your favourite transformation story of the year so far? The passenger airlines that switched to cargo flights? The Formula 1 teams that manufactured ventilators for intensive care patients? The breweries that served up hand sanitizer? Companies have found novel ways to pivot in the face of crisis. The variety of innovation is astonishing. But what they all have in common is that, in a challenging period of social distancing...Read More
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SHM Metering XLeMs Excel-Based Energy Monitoring Software
XLeMs Excel-Based Energy Monitoring Software XLeMs is a software package for use with dataloggers from SHM Communications. It provides a simple, easy to learn and use Energy Monitoring System for collecting data from SHM Loggers. Reports are generated directly as Excel workbooks, allowing the user to present the data in the required format using familiar Microsoft Office tools. XLeMs is a full-function energy monitoring system that presents results in Microsoft...Read More
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SIG Natural Slate Roofing – Ensuring Quality, Consistency & Longevity
SIG Natural Slate Roofing Natural Slate is a beautiful material, brimming with unique, attractive characteristics. Like any natural material, however, it varies hugely in quality. In order to use natural slate roofing effectively on a building, some of these characteristics need to be controlled. SIG Design & Technology set out how using genuinely traceable natural slate can ensure quality, consistency and longevity, so that you can be confident your specification...Read More
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Grundfos Announce Satisfactory Half-Year Results
ads Nipper Group President and CEO of Grundfos Despite the obvious challenges posed by COVID-19, Grundfos Pumps are satisfied with their newly released half-year figures that show just an 8.3% decline in global organic sales over this period. Although there was lower activity in all the markets, there have also been some positive trends emerging, including from their UK operation. Mads Nipper, Group President & CEO of Grundfos explains ”In light of the global crisis...Read More
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