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SPC - Sanuvox Ultraviolet Air & Object Sterilisation Featured Video
spc, sanuvox Sanuvox have designed and patented two different types of UV systems: UV Air Purification and UV Coil Cleaning, which essentially uses the power of ultraviolet rays to destroy and deactivate biological and chemical contaminants in the atmosphere.SPC Sanuvox UV Object Purifiers Appropriately named the “CoilClean series”, the UV Object purifiers are high-intensity UVC (germicidal 254nm) quartz lamps mounted into anodised...Click to Watch
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Munters Webinar - Ventilation for Layer Barns Featured Video
Munters webinar Cooling Pad and Fan Maintenance Warm weather is upon us, join Munters online for an in-depth review of ventilation and air inlets for layer barns. The webinar will focus on the importance of proper ventilation, pros and cons of tunnel and side wall ventilation, the importance of how fans are staged to maximize efficiency, high efficiency and why it’s important for today’s farms. Presented by: - David Baker, CAD supervisor...Click to Watch
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Space Air - A1 Non-Flammable or A2L Flammable...
space air, A1 Non-Flammable, A2L Flammable. Which is the Safest, Legal, Environmentally Friendly, and Less Overall Cost? Why are we making a fuss about flammable A2L R32 in RAC & Commercial air conditioning? Raising the awareness of the safety requirements, to End Users, Emergency Services, Designers, Installers, etc, of flammable refrigerants is an OBLIGATION of Manufacturers, agents, and Distributors. This is the first flammable refrigerant in RAC AC's history...Read More
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CMD - Understanding Floor Boxes, Busbars & Underfloor Accessories
One of your main considerations regarding the configuration of your office or commercial premises is how you connect and power electrical equipment. Where you place plug sockets and other data ports in relation to employees’ desks and workspaces will determine your rooms’ eventual layout. Many organisations get around this potential problem by installing underfloor power. Running all electrical and data wiring under the floor means you...Read More
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Schneider Electric Name PWR as First Master Robot Partner
Schneider Electric,  Master Robot Partner Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in energy management and automation, has appointed PWR, specialists in automated robotic packaging solutions, as its first ‘Master Robot Partner’. The announcement underlines the importance of the relationship, after many successful robotic packaging projects in the food industry. In recent years, the rise of high-speed, multi-robotic picking and packing lines has led...Read More
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