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Danfoss Heating - Installation of Thin Heating Mat Featured Video
danfoss heating, thin  heating mat installation Electric Heating by Danfoss is an ecological sustainable solution for a green and clean heating. For 78 years on the market, high quality solutions by Danfoss are backed by hundreds of proven cases providing the best warranty on the market - up to 20 years of full warranty. Electric Heating by Danfoss is meeting your needs in various applications: Floor Heating / Agriculture & Sport Fields / Ice & snow melting / Cold stores / Pipe...Click to Watch
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Siemens - Multi-Sensors WIDE One Room, One Sensor Featured Video
Siemsns, multi-sensors Buildings are increasingly intelligent. To turn rooms in buildings into perfect places, intelligent devices are needed like the new presence detectors, which combine five functions for a pleasant atmosphere and energy savings in the room. The new presence detectors capture data on CO2, temperature, humidity and brightness and thus control not only the illumination systems but also ventilation and heating systems. This...Click to Watch
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Checkit - UK business lead the way in striving to meet Sustainability...
Axon, sustainability As urban living intensifies, emissions from city living harms our planet and impacts the health and wellbeing of residents. The built environment is responsible for around 40% of the UK carbon footprint, half of this being from energy used in buildings. How are we responding to this challenge? A recent report from HSBC, the Global Navigator Survey, shows strong support for sustainability strategies....Read More
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DMS - Need to Apply an Accurate Billing Solution to Your Application?
DMS, accurate billing solution DMS Metering Solutions supply a wide range of Data Collection, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Billing. Need to apply an accurate billing solution to your application? Need to read remotely? Want to collect data from multiple meters? We can help! With a wide range of solutions for you, we can cover all of the above applications. Within our range, we can supply the elvaco CMe collection, including the CMe 3100, CME2100, CMeX11S...Read More
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Honeywell Gent - CPDs Go Online!
Honeywell Gent CPDs go online Honeywell Gent offer a number of UK CPD (and CIBSE) accredited seminars, ranging from British Standards and industry regulations to compliance and detector spacing. During these unprecedented times of uncertainty and not being able to carry these sessions face to face, we are running a series of our most popular seminars to keep you educated and ensure you can still gain your CPD points. Comply, Stay Alive - Monday, 11th May...Read More
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