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Article Date: 1st September 2020

Wieland Electric podis® Power Bus System

Wieland Electric, podis power bus system

Our new podis® power bus system helps to implement the distribution of energy to charging stations quickly and easily. Ideal for use in a variety of applications this can also be used for the routing of power for charging stations for electric cars in public parking areas.

Remote power distribution and automation - economy and high flexibility are the key factors in modern system planning. Especially for power distribution, innovative approaches and solutions are in demand. Intelligent installation systems replace the classical star distribution. Wieland offers you a holistic concept for power distribution, e.g. in conveying technology and industrial systems. Passive and active fieldbus distributors, connectors and comprehensive accessories are available for your overall solution.

The podis® CON power bus is an innovative solution in remote power distribution. The system includes fixed and pluggable power power taps and active field components.

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