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Article Date: 23rd September 2019

Tracetek TT-FFS-WR Fast Fuel Sensor

leak detection - fast fuel sensor - liquid hydrocarbon leaks

TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor

Protect wet environments from liquid hydrocarbon leaks with the accurate, fast-responding and water resistant tracetek Fast Fuel Sensor.

Tracetek Fast Fuel Sensors (FFS) are fast acting sensors designed to detect hydrocarbon fuel. The sensor ignores water but detects a thin film of fuel floating on the surface. Reaction time for the sensor is typically a few seconds for light or middle-weight fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel. It is also responsive to crude oil, heavier weight fuels and heating oils but becomes progressively slower as the fuel volatility decreases. In many cases the FFS sensor will reset after the sensor is removed from contact with the spill and the fuel can evaporate. Some heavier fuels require the sensor to be soaked in isopropyl alcohol or naphtha in order to clear the heavier fuel residuals.

The improved water resistance of the TT-FFS-WR is a critical component of the tracetek Fuel Leak Detection System. With the ability to be immersed in water, this tracetek sensor protects pipelines, ports, tanks, bunds, airports, pumps, sumps and valves.

Two sensor types are available

TT-FFS-WR-100 and TT-FFS-WR-250 detects liquid hydrocarbon fuels such as refined products, naphtha, and heavy crude. Resettable and reusable in most applications. 100mm and 250mm active sensor length to accommodate variation in standing water, sumps and pits.

Design features:
• Fast response to small amounts of fuel
• Resets for multiple uses
• Easily tested
• Compatible with tracetek instruments
• Intermix up to 3 FFS sensors with TT5000 sensor cable to form hybrid cable and sensor systems
• Wireless connection can also be achieved by using the Rosemount Mesh system
• Suitable for installation in CID1 (Zone 0) with appropriate safety barrier
• SIL-2 Rated Safety System Component

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