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Article Date: 11th September 2019

Samsung brings New Heating & Cooling Solution to Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport - Air Conditioning - 360 Cassette - Samsung Units

Samsung - Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport has been refurbished with a brand new heating and cooling system from Samsung. Samsung is the world leader in climate solutions and the Samsung 360 Cassette has been installed in the VIP meet and greet drop off area at Newcastle Airport to offer clients an easy location to drop off their cars with no hassle.

Clear Climate, an Air Conditioning supplier based in Durham, designed and installed the cooling solution within the VIP meet and greet area. Clear Climate were tasked to provide a system that not only provided a comfortable air temperature, but to fit a product that would work well within the existing interior design. The Samsung 360 Cassette was selected by the supplier due to its sleek and stylish profile.

The Samsung 360 Cassette has the ability to change the horizontal direction of the air flow without the need of louvres and distributes air to different sections of a room eliminating dead zones. This gives a very even air conditioning solution across 360 degrees, delivering comfort to all the people
in the area.

The Samsung 360 Cassette is available in white and black and Clear Climate chose to install the white unit, to fit with the existing interior of Newcastle Airport.

Lee Peachey, Director at Clear Climate said: “Aesthetically these Samsung units are fantastic and from a functionality point, they are way more advanced and streets ahead of anything else on the market. We’ve used Samsung products for previous projects and would choose them time and time again, as the performance is of an excellent standard.”

Andrew Faulkner, Commercial Manager at Samsung said: “We’re pleased to see that our Samsung 360 cassette continues to be the first choice for a wide range of projects. At Samsung, we pride ourselves on creating the best quality systems, that are quick and easy to install and we are continuing to update our product portfolio in 2019 to offer the best products for our customers.”

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