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Article Date: 30th September 2019

Purus' 59mm S-Series Floor Gullies now available with Security Torx Screws

S-Series Floor Gullies - Wetroom Drainage - Security Torx Screws

Purus S-Series

Purus Limited, the manufacturer of wetroom drainage and level-access floor gullies, launched their super-low-level 59mm S-Series floor gully back in 2017 and it has been extremely popular with contractors and architects ever since. The gully has a total height of just 59mm, includes Purus' combined water and mechanical NOOD no-odour trap and is suitable for both vinyl and tiled floor finishes. Stainless steel grates are available for both floor finishes, and the round Drop grate for vinyl floors is now available with Security Torx screws by popular demand. The Security Torx screws can now be specified and ordered as an optional accessory to add extra security to your installation.

At just 59mm, Purus' S-Series floor gully makes it possible for a trapped horizontal outlet to be used instead of having to install a vertical outlet floor gully through the slab. The 59mm S-Series gully incorporates the same NOOD water trap technology as Purus' other floor gullies, so all of the benefits that you are used to with Purus are all still in place; and it also introduces a brand new stainless steel clamping ring designed for screwing either vinyl or waterproof membrane for tiles down into the floor gully. The NOOD combined water and mechanical trap uses a spring mechanism to prevent any foul air from escaping through the gully even when it dries out and it is extremely simple to clean and maintain.

A range of stainless-steel grate options are available for the 59mm S-Series floor gully. The Drop grate for vinyl floors, which can now be locked with Security Torx screws, has a 150mm diameter and slots into the gully above the vinyl flooring once clamped into place; and Purus' 200x200mm PK200 grates are also available in a selection of patterns for tiled floors.

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