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Article Date: 3rd September 2019

Frenger’s MSRP (Multi-Service Radiant Panel) Units Appear to be a Main Focal Point at Nottingham Trent Universities New Engineering Building

Multi-Service Radiant Panel - MSRP Units - Nottingham Trent University

Frenger - Nottingham Trent Universities New Engineering Building

To welcome their new 2019/20 academic year students, Nottingham Trent University (NTU) are opening in September 2019 a £23m state-of-the-art engineering building to create ‘the engineers of the future’.

The new building, located on the Clifton Campus, includes various engineering labs, workshops, and studios to house the new intake of students. NTU have said that the new facilities will support the universities new courses such as biomedical, electronic and mechanical engineering that have been specifically created to meet the industry’s current skill gaps.

“It will enable us to be at the heart of developments in the emerging ‘Industry 4.0’ agenda in terms of education and skills training, as well as knowledge transfer and knowledge development and research.” - Professor Mary O’Neill, Dean of NTU’s School of Science and Technology.

Frenger - Nottingham Trent Universities New Engineering BuildingNTU decided on Frenger to supply their Multi-Service Radiant Panels (MSRPs) to provide energy-efficient heating, acoustic sound absorption and factory fitted LED lighting throughout the building.

Using a combination of Radiant Panel and MSCB technology, Frenger’s Acoustic, Lighting and Heating Rafts, otherwise known as Multi-Service Radiant Panels (MSRPs) are not only visually stunning room features, these MSRP units are also both energy-efficient and extremely effective. These free hanging radiant heating panels have LED lighting, acoustic sound absorbing properties and integrated lighting control with PIR lighting sensors.

Frenger - Nottingham Trent Universities New Engineering BuildingFrenger’s MSRP units are an ideal solution for Universities as other services can be incorporated such as apertures for sprinkler heads, PA and VA speakers, PIR, Photocells and other building services such as compartment trunking and lighting control which are 100% prefabricated off-site in a controlled factory environment.

Virtually any type of lighting solution can be accommodated within Frenger’s MSRP units such as direct only, indirect only, and a combination of both direct and indirect either from the same light source or a different source altogether. The performance testing of our heating, lighting and acoustic solutions are carried out at Frenger’s in-house Climatic, Photometric and Acoustic Laboratories at their Pride Park facility and HQ in Derby, United Kingdom.

If you require any further information, or have a project to discuss, please contact Frenger by using the email option below as their technical team are here to assist.

Image Gallery of MSRP’S in NTU

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