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Article Date: 27th September 2018

Purus Drainage Solutions for Micro Cement & Micro Concrete: Innovative New Floor Finishes

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Purus Resin Grate

Purus Limited, the Swedish manufacturers of floor gullies and drains for level-access bathroom areas, are very pleased to announce that they offer drainage solutions suitable for the increasingly popular floor finishes, micro cement and micro concrete. The two innovative design products can be applied very thinly to any hard surface and allow for an aesthetic similar to concrete but without the fuss of laying a thick, heavy screed. They are ideal solutions for a modern, minimalistic look in your bathroom or wetroom space which offers something a little different to the traditional tiled finish.

What are they?
Micro cement and micro concrete are modern and tasteful alternative floor finishes that cut out the dust and disruption of traditional construction whilst maintaining a safe and durable exterior to replicate the smoothness of concrete, without the normal thickness and weight. Both floor finishes can be applied very thinly to existing surfaces such as tiles, existing old cement or existing bathroom and wetroom surfaces including those suffering from moisture damage.

Micro cement vs. micro concrete
Micro cement is made of cement and quartz and can be applied to any existing hard surface at thicknesses of just 1-2mm. Micro concrete is ideal for more robust environments such as external areas and commercial settings. It is applied slightly more thickly at 2-3mm and is more slip-resistant than micro cement. Both surfaces are extremely simple to apply, easy to maintain and make a great lighter option for bathrooms and wetrooms.

Their ease of use and waterproof properties make micro cement and micro concrete great options for those looking to add an affordable, hardwearing and hygienic concrete aesthetic into a bathroom or wetroom area.

Drainage solutions for resin, micro cement and micro concrete flooring

Purus are very proud to supply drainage solutions for micro cement and micro concrete floor finishes. Their popular Mini Series floor gullies with stainless steel round Wave grates for resin flooring, as well as their Channel 100 linear stainless steel channel drains, are also suitable for micro cement and micro concrete; so you can opt for this modern, minimalistic floor finish for your wetroom or bathroom area safe in the knowledge that Purus have the drainage solution for your installation.

Mini Series floor gullies
Purus’ Mini Series floor gullies include the Minimax 50, Minimax Two Part, Mini Brage 50 and Mini Brage 110, and they are all suitable for level-access installation in wetrooms and bathroom areas into either concrete or wooden joist floor build-ups. All Mini Series floor gullies are BBA-Certified and have BIM objects available for downloading. Their stainless steel round Wave grates (product code: 7138402) are designed for use with resin, micro cement and micro concrete: they consist of a ring with a lip which the floor material is poured up to, and a patterned ‘Wave’ grate on top, which is lockable for additional security.

Channel 100 stainless steel channel drainage
Purus also supply a linear drainage solution for use with micro cement and micro concrete floor finishes. Their Channel 100 is available in lengths up to 2.5m as standard and is popular in commercial environments such as shower areas, changing rooms and hotel and leisure facilities; as well as industrial and domestic projects.

Many different configurations are available as standard with a choice of grates and the outlet can be positioned in the centre or the end of the channel. The Chess and Rib patterned stainless steel grates are ideal for bare-foot areas whilst the L15 and M125 load-bearing mesh grates are designed to suit heavy-duty industrial use. Bespoke channels in different lengths, as well as with other modifications, can be designed and manufactured to your requirements - please contact Purus for details.

Are you looking for drainage solutions for your micro cement or micro concrete project?

You can view further information about Purus’ Mini Series floor gullies, their Channel 100 stainless steel channel drainage and the rest of their wide product range at www.purusgroup.com. You may also use the email option below for any enquiries.

Photo credit: Clean ‘N’ Seal Southwest, www.cleanandsealsouthwest.co.uk 

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