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Article Date: 4th October 2018

LG Wins Innovation Award at RAC Cooling Awards

RAC Cooling Awards - Air Conditioning - Heat Recovery VRF

LG Wins Innovation Award at RAC Cooling Awards

Leading air conditioning and energy solutions provider LG has won the Air Conditioning Innovation Award at this year’s Cooling Awards in London with its Multi V S Heat Recovery VRF system.

An industry first, this front discharge, Multi V S Heat Recovery model, fits the gap between Multi Split systems and large VRF systems. The Multi V S Heat Recovery offers a host of unique LG technological developments, including LG’s own 5th generation compressor equipped with a High Sided Shell (HSS) and a new Polyetheretheketone (PEEK) bearing which allows an all inverter system compressor to operate between 10Hz - 165Hz, increasing partial efficiencies, extending capacity, and increasing reliability.

LG’s Multi V S Heat Recovery VRF solution is perfect for buildings where space is at a premium. It offers superb energy efficiency, strong, quiet performance and unbeatable flexibility. Customers are excited that there is now a small, lightweight industry first, heat recovery system with side discharge, and comparatively low running and maintenance costs.

With an upturn in the ‘Mini VRF’ market in the up to 20kW sector throughout 2014 and into 2015 and a UK heat recovery market approximately three times that of heat pumps according to BSRIA market data, the market trend complemented the general opinion and discussions between LG in the UK and LG headquarters in South Korea .

With the potential of heat recovery technologies already established within the air conditioning market and the growing awareness of LG’s ability to build and recover energy into hot water producing systems, such as its hydro kits. The niche in the market presented itself to be within the high specification, city residential sector, for apartments, small commercial premises and additional construction to existing premises with existing systems.

With the constant obstacles of planning permission and plant location requirements, LG overcame these hurdles by having a product that offered a 43 per cent reduction in volume to a traditional VRF chassis, as well as being 59 per cent lighter. It was important to offer heat recovery options from a compact, lightweight solution.

Hugo Lambourn – General Manager, Vish Sodhi - National Specification Sales Manager and Marketing Manager Donna-Marie Evans collected the award on the night. Vish Sodhi said: “We are providing solutions that fill significant gaps in the marketplace. LG is a global company that likes to contribute to industries and provide dynamic solutions. The Multi V S HR is a slimline, single phase system for heating, cooling and hot water - that is already meeting the needs of residential and light commercial applications – a solution that had been missing from the UK marketplace until we came up with this response.”

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