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Article Date: 9th November 2020

Wieland Electric - Flat Cable gesis® NRG

Wieland Electric flat cable gesis

The gesis® NRG flat cable system combines all the advantages of a modern electrical installation. Outputs can be installed and removed easily without cutting and stripping the cable, and it allows for flexible, simple and space-saving routing - gesis® NRG thereby simplifies installation and planning. In addition, it enables not only pure energy distribution, but also the combined distribution of energy and data (KNX, SMI, DALI, etc) inside buildings. In gesis® NRG, Wieland Electric offers a TOP solution for structured and fast electrical installation.

Robust and practical

  • Small number of different components
  • Adapters and feeds compact and robust
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Contact to the flat cable by means of IDC (no baring and stripping necessary)
  • Meets all the requirements of fixed installations


  • Quick planning and installation
  • Reduction in cable material (copper and plastics)
  • Short connection cables for end consumers
  • Energy savings due to three-phase cabling

The 10 mm² system output adapters can directly feed customised and property-specific system distributors which are used for protection and sub-distribution The 2.5/4 mm² system output adapters are all designed to be directly pluggable. After leaving the flat cable, it is possible to transition directly to GST18® to run the electrical installation to all the consumers.

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