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Article Date: 19th November 2018

EVDS in Partnership with Aldi

Aldi Pontypridd - Vacuum Drainage System - Supermarket Condensate Waste

EVDS - Aldi Pontypridd

EVDS have provided Aldi with their first Evac vacuum drainage system within the UK.

Whilst Aldi in other countries, particularly the US regularly role out stores with the Evac system, the refurbished store at Pontypridd now utilises vacuum drainage to collect the condensate from the refrigeration cabinets. This was also our first UK project using the newly launched “Buffer Vac” vacuum plant. This new innovation gives a small compact vacuum generation plant capable of draining all supermarket condensate waste. The Evac system negated the need to cut into the slab to create drainage channels for the newly positioned chilled section. This led to major time saving during installation and allowed the store to open sooner than planned.

We are hopeful that more stores will utilise Evac vacuum drainage throughout 2019.

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