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Article Date: 22nd November 2018

Ecodek - Colourful Autumn & Ecodek

Autumn Leaves - Composite Decking - Garden Decking - Ambient Lighting

Ecodek - Colourful Autumn

The time of year has come, when the weather gets colder and nights are longer, although disliked by some and beloved by others, one thing can be agreed on, it can be beautiful. Leaves changing their colours to orange, red and brown, slowly falling down from the branches to paint the pavements and gardens in its colours. As the weather cools down quite significantly, there’s no better cure for it than a hot cup of tea, while relaxing in a chair, where you can see all the autumns’ colours through your window.

To make your garden look even more beautiful, why not have some great looking decking built, and let the autumn leaves cover it slightly to create a magnificent and colourful look, that no one could replicate. Ecodek manufactures five colours of the composite decking and two different profiles, and each one of them could be a perfect fit for your garden! Whichever you would choose, we can guarantee it will look beautiful all year round!

Not only does it looks beautiful, it also carries benefits, which some other decking can’t match! It has low potential for slip, which makes it great for any type of weather! It’s low maintenance, a quick wash twice a year is sufficient to keep it nice and clean. ecodek® is a solid, eco-friendly build, which also causes minimal waste as we can recycle any of your unused product! Last but equally as important of a benefit, 25 years warranty!

Ecodek - DekGloAs the days are shorter and evenings longer, some additional visibility could be beneficial. A perfect solution would be our new product, DekGlo! Glow in the dark ambient lighting, which is quick and easy to install, with no electrical wiring or batteries required. It lights up as soon as it starts getting darker, and not only does it provides ambient lighting, but also create additional level of safety when you’re outside, as it can be used to highlight steps and any hazardous outdoor areas!

If you’re considering building a decking area in your garden, but you are hesitant to wait till next spring, don’t be! There’s no bad time to build a decking, the earlier before spring the better as it will be ready to celebrate the BBQ season! You would also have plenty of time to decide on colour and profile! So don’t hesitate to contact us by email below if you have any enquiries, we’re here to help!

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