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Article Date: 16th November 2018

AXON are Proud to Announce that we have been Shortlisted in the Energy Management Initiative Category for the CIBSE Building Performance Awards

Energy Management - CIBSE Building Performance Awards - Broadgate Estates

AXON - CIBSE Building Performance Awards

Our work with Broadgate Estates on five central London properties has delivered the following outcomes.

The services delivered include;

Intelligent apportionment of utility costs
Recharging occupiers based on actual usage for both direct consumption and shared central services across all utilities and using multiple tariffs.

Visibility of energy usage
Cloud based visualisations tailored to specific stakeholders including Broadgate Estates sustainability team and individual occupiers.

Integration to building management systems (BMS)
Seamless data exchange with the installed BMS to ensure that energy usage outside of the defined operational hours was captured and recharged accordingly based on actual occupancy.

Identification of energy reduction opportunities
Combine data from both the energy management system (EMS) and BMS to identify energy reduction opportunities and prove the outcome of the remedy.

Bill validation
Provide occupier billing packs to show consumption, cost and carbon impact with comparison to previous periods and validate the total consumption against the fiscal bill.

Energy threshold alarms
An automated alarm escalation process alerts when the current consumption exceeds the expected profile and allows a cloud based dialogue between all stakeholders complete with audit trail of event, action(s) and financial impact.

Axon Our work with Broadgate Estates

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