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Article Date: 6th November 2018

ABB takes it to the Virtual Edge

Data Centres - DCD London - Virtual Reality - Secure Edge

ABB Data Centre Dynamics

ABB will showcase several virtual products for the next generation data centre and Secure Edge Data Centre at this year’s DCD>London event, on 5th and 6th November.

On stand 24, ABB will showcase a virtual data centre from the control room to the server room using the latest Virtual Reality technology.

This virtual journey will take visitors through key areas in the next generation data centre and allow them to experience the future and discover how they can harness intelligent data and power from products within ABB’s extensive electrification and industrial automation solutions.

This year’s DCD>London event will see professionals and senior executives within the European data centere and cloud infrastructure community come together and review new products and opportunities as the data highway and demand for elastic infrastructures, combined with deeper insights and visibility, continue to grow.

As demand for micro-modular data centers expands, ABB will also demonstrate its Secure Edge Data Centre (SEDC) solution, which has been delivered in partnership with HPE and Rittal for industrial and telecommunications environments.

The latest SEDC offer provides a turnkey solution allowing customers to run enterprise-grade IT near to their operational technology (OT) environments, machines and equipment to enable low-latency, secure and reliable digital processes.

Paul Johnson, Data Segment Leader (UK) for ABB, said: “Data centres have become a fundamental part of life and the technology driving them is developing at a rapid pace.

ABB Data Centre Dynamics“Future data centres need to be able to provide critical information on infrastructure capacity and shift resources as required, without any down time.

“These intelligent data houses need intelligent power and mission critical products that provide richer and deeper insights will enable data centre managers to flex capacity, automate workflows and processes, and offer more choices on how energy can be managed.”

Key products to be showcased on ABB’s virtual platform include:

  • In the main control room, ABB Ability™ Data Centre Automation – suited to hybrid and onsite data centers as it brings control, monitoring and optimization for your mission critical infrastructure, with mechanical (BMS), electrical (EPMS) and DCIM capabilities into a single, industrial solution.
  • An exclusive view of the ABB Digital Substation which is ideal for modern utilities as it bridges the gap between analogue and digital technologies to offer reliable power, interoperability and real-time performance metrics.
  • MNS-Up is a combined critical power solution in a single assembly, combining the UPS (uninterruptible power supply) and low-voltage switchgear into one. Not only does it save 20-30 percent space, it is also easy and fast to install and take into use, and to expand, when requirements change.
  • Emax 2 – the smart plug and play architecture of the all-in-one Emax 2 creates one of the industry’s first circuit breakers that matches new grid requirements, enabling direct communication to the new energy management cloud-computing platform ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System.
  • UniGear ZS1 Digital – part of ABB Ability™, the ideal medium-voltage switchgear solution, offers increased safety and flexibility, optimized footprint and weight, faster delivery time and faster installation and commissioning allowing managers to implement changes as requirements change.
  • ABB Ability™ is the company’s unified, cross-industry digital offering, extending from device to edge to cloud.

For more information about ABB Data Centre Solutions including Secure Edge Data Centre technologies, visit stand 24 on 5th and 6th November at DCD>London.

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