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Article Date: 9th November 2018

ABB Distribution Solutions - Switch Fuses - World Class Performance in the most Demanding Applications

Switch Fuses - OSM Switch Fuses - Power Distribution Boards

ABB Distribution Solutions - Switch Fuses

OS and OSM switch fuses by ABB have been designed to deliver world-class performance in even the most extreme conditions. Our extensive range of reliable switch fuses, both manual and motorised, is ensured to have your application needs covered.

ABB switch fuses deliver superior performance and protection for even the most demanding industrial applications.

OS switch fuses are ideal for demanding applications where continuity of operations is vital even in case of a fault. These devices are used for protection in a wide range of applications. They are often found in power distribution boards and control cabinet in heavy industrial use. They are built to meet installation requirements close to the main transformer.

In addition to industrial, business and residential buildings, these switch fuses are regularly used industrial cranes and hoists to isolate and protect the motors. OS switch fuses may also be found protecting stored energy and battery packs from potential short circuits and safely isolate them during maintenance.

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