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Article Date: 29th November 2017

DMS - SLP Water Solenoid Valves

Water Solenoid Valves - WRAS Approved - SLP Solenoid Valves

DMS SLP Water Solenoid Valve

The SLP Water Solenoid Valves are WRAS Approved between 15-50mm and are supplied as standard for a Normally Closed operation. Their purpose is to shut off water supplies when power is cut to the Valve. They could be controlled by Passive Infrared Sensors so that water supplies only open when they need to so that water wastage is reduced. As power is reconnected to the Valve it will open again and allow water to pass through.

All SLP Valves are supplied with a BSP Female Threaded connection and are rated to 16 Bar of operating pressure for water applications. Their maximum operating temperature is 120°C. A standard version of the Valve is also available without WRAS Approval if application doesn't necessarily require it.

A Normally Open version is also available which would be the opposite and only open when power is lost, and closing each time the power supply connects to the Valve. Another option is the power supply on the SLP Solenoid Valves as a 24vdc coil can be supplied instead.

  • Available in Sizes 15mm-50mm
  • BSP Female Threaded Connection
  • WRAS Approved
  • Standard versions are 230vac Mains Powered, Low Voltage Versions are available
  • All SLP Valves are Normally Closed as standard unless a Normally Open version is requested instead
  • EPDM Valve Seat Material

DMS supply the full range of SLP Water Solenoid Valves for next day delivery, if you would like to know more about the SLP range please use the email option below:

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