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Kingspan 25 years of approval

13th September 2021

Kingspan Insulated Panels Marks 25 Years of LPCB...

Kingspan believes that large scale system testing is one of the...

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Kingspan CIBSE Approved CPD webinar

31st August 2021

Kingspan Technical Insulation CIBSE Approved CPD...

Our next CIBSE Approved CPD webinar will be taking place on...

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Kingspan Daphne Oram Bldg

23rd August 2021

Kingspan Puts on a Performance at Daphne Oram...

Situated just a stone’s throw from the historic Canterbury...

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Kingspan KoolDuct Weight

8th July 2021

Featured Video: 2021 KoolDuct Weight Video UK

This informative video highlights the ease of fabrication and...

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Kingspan time for change

11th May 2021

Time for Change CIBSE Approved CPD Webinar

The next showing of our latest CIBSE Approved CPD webinar...

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Kingspan why insulate pipe

16th February 2021

Featured Video: Why Insulate Pipework?

A short animation showing why you should insulate pipework...

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Kingspan Beatrice Shilling Building

12th October 2020

Beatrice Shilling Building

Coventry University is laying the groundwork for future...

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Kingspan, life depends on water

18th August 2020

Kingspan Free CPD Webinars

Kingspan Technical Insulation is the market leading...

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Kingspan, life depends on water

17th August 2020

Life Itself Depends on Water

The need to conserve this precious resource is real and urgent...

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Kingspan, Kooltherm Pipe Insulation

2nd July 2020

Maximising Energy Efficiency & Minimising Heat Loss...

Kooltherm Pipe Insulation has been installed as part of a...

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Kingspan cpd webinars

29th June 2020

Kingspan Technical Insulation CPD Webinars

Kingspan are delighted to offer a number of free CPD...

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Kingspan pipe support

2nd June 2020

Specifying Pipe Supports - Load Bearing Performance

When services are in operation, pipe supports can be...

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Kingspan KoolDuct Cheesemaker Image

2nd March 2020

Kingspan KoolDuct System at Lancashire-Based...

The Kingspan KoolDuct System has provided a space-saving...

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Kingspan KoolDuct at STEM Image

28th January 2020

KoolDuct Shows Lasting Power of Innovation at STEM...

First opened in 2005, STEM learning supports teachers...

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