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Grundfos what is your building hiding

20th September 2021

What is Your Building Hiding from You?

Understanding the inner workings of your building is important...

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Grundfos building digital evolution

31st August 2021

Building Up to a Digital Evolution

Don’t miss out on the latest Grundfos CPD webinar at 1pm...

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Grundfos right solutions for your commercial building

16th August 2021

Find the Right Solution For Your Commercial Building

From hotels and hospitals to office towers and airport...

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Grundfos digitilisation for water utilities

2nd August 2021

Digitalisation is the Way Forward for Water Utilities

Did you know that digital technologies can help water utilities...

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Grundfos free pump training

20th July 2021

Get Free Pump & Application Training with Grundfos...

Stay on top of your pump and application knowledge with...

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Grundfos deep dive world

29th June 2021

Featured Video: A Pump - A Deep Dive into the World...

Every day our energy efficient pumps help to provide solutions...

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Grundfos hydraulics reduce clogging

15th June 2021

New Hydraulics Reduce Clogging Problems & Help...

When the Water Authority Vechtstromen in the Netherlands...

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Grundfos get your pumps kitted out

1st June 2021

Get Your Pumps Kitted Out

Grundfos spare parts are high-quality components that enables...

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Grundfos hospital health matters

6th May 2021

Hospital M&E Health Matters

We are very aware that both hospitals and their staff, have...

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Grundfos check-up that checks out

22nd April 2021

A Pump Check-Up That Really Checks Out

Older pumps often consume too much energy as well as being...

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Grundfos safe and sound

12th April 2021

Safe & Sound with Grundfos FireSAFE

When a fire broke out at breakfast time in a high-rise...

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Grundfos ecademy right course

29th March 2021

Grundfos ECADEMY is on the Right Course

With most of us not having the same ready access to either...

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Grundfos chelsea creek development

15th March 2021

Grundfos Fire Sets Standard for Chelsea Creek...

Fire suppression in high rise applications has been much in the...

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Grundfos improve your pump performance

1st March 2021

Improve Your Pump Performance Through...

One aspect within the Building Services arena that does not...

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Grundfos helping hand

11th February 2021

A Helping Hand from the Grundfos Product Centre

We could all do with a helping hand at various times in our...

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Grundfos extended guarantee scheme

25th January 2021

Grundfos Offers 5-Year Extended Guarantee Scheme

Last year, Grundfos launched an extended guarantee scheme...

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Grundfos Will 2021 Hold the Key

4th January 2021

Will 2021 Hold the Key for Commercial Building Services?

2020 may not go down in the history books for being the best...

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Grundfos health and leisure

10th December 2020

Health & Leisure Matters

Recognising the importance of the connection between our...

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Grundfos testing times

3rd December 2020

Testing Times for Glasgow Hospital

With the fight against COVID-19 continuing around the world...

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Grundfos 22 bishopsgate

23rd November 2020

TwentyTwo Points Out of 22

At 278m and with 62 storeys above ground and three below...

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Grundfos CIBSE CPD webinar

16th November 2020

Grundfos CIBSE CPD Webinar

Have you got the lockdown blues? Are you missing the buzz...

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Nottingham Medical Centre

13th October 2020

Nottingham Medical Center Benefits from Grundfos...

The Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, was the first...

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Grundfos white papers

6th October 2020

Scotland Tightens Fire Regulations

Changes to the Building Regulations in Scotland...

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Grundfos white papers

1st October 2020

It's All There in Black & White

White papers are an important reference point as well as being...

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Grundfos Webinars

1st September 2020

Grundfos Webinars Put a New Spin on Learning

Of all the changes that have come about to our working lives in...

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Grundfos, Hospital Targets Energy Savings

1st September 2020

Hospital Targets Energy Savings

So much is written about hospital waiting times and...

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Grundfos, Satisfactory Half-Year Results

1st September 2020

Grundfos Announce Satisfactory Half-Year Results

Despite the obvious challenges posed by COVID-19, Grundfos...

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better than ever with Grundfos

1st September 2020

Better Than Ever with Grundfos

The domestic circulator is at the very heart of home heating...

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Grundfos guarantee

7th August 2020

Healthy Outlook For Hospital Site

Back in 1729 a 4-bed hospital opened on Quartermile...

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Grundfos guarantee

6th August 2020

Hydro Micro-E The Compact Booster That Delivers

In 2015, Grundfos Pumps used their extensive experience...

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Grundfos guarantee

3rd August 2020

Grundfos Launch New 5 Year Guarantee Scheme

Grundfos are delighted to announce that they have launched...

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Grundfos Training

2nd July 2020

Grundfos Training To Appeal To Your Webination

Well known for their innovation pump solutions...

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Grundfos training

1st June 2020

Grundfos is On Course to Offer More Knowledge...

Always seeking to be innovative, Grundfos constantly strives...

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Grundfos, edinburgh printmakers

1st June 2020

Edinburgh Printmakers Start a New Chapter

A former rubber factory and brewery complex in...

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Grundfos makes significant donation

1st April 2020

Grundfos make significant contribution to COVID-19

Grundfos is an organisation who understands their....

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Grundfos Creates the Right Ovaltures Image

5th March 2020

Grundfos Creates the Right Ovaltures

In the heart of Edinburgh and with the biggest capacity in...

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Grundfos Supports UN Goals Image

28th February 2020

Grundfos Supports UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) lay down...

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Grundfos Supports UN Development Goals Image

20th February 2020

Featured Video: A 'World of Difference' & 70-80%...

Sligo University Hospital had an inefficient boiler plant and...

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Grundfos New MD Image

3rd February 2020

Grundfos Pumps Announce New Managing Director

Grundfos Pumps Ltd are a UK leader in the supply of pumps...

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Grundfos Teach Yourself a Lesson Image

16th January 2020

Teach Yourself a Lesson with the Grundfos Ecademy

Having the time to undertake any training can be difficult, that...

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Grundfos Digging Deep Image

6th January 2020

Digging Deep

When you need to find a significant amount of space in...

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