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DMS technical terms explained

20th September 2021

MID & WRAS Technical Terms Explained

You may see the terms MID and WRAS thrown around quite...

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DMS food production monitoring

31st August 2021

Food Production Monitoring with Badger

The Badger IOG โ€“ Industrial Oval Gear Meter โ€“ the premium...

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DMS data collection

10th August 2021

Data Collection for a Wide Range of Meters

Data collection is now used more than ever before, thanks to...

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DMS meter compliance unit

4th August 2021

Meter Compliance Unit

It is a legal requirement to undertake a metering cost...

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DMS The 100 Series

20th July 2021

The Answer to Dangerous Over-Pressure: The Series...

The Honeywell S100 Slam Shut Valve provides vital protection...

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DMS tenant valve plus

6th July 2021

Tenant Valve Plus - One Piece, Compact Solution to...

Attention all property owners... A WRAS approved combination...

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DMS everything you need to know

1st June 2021

Leak Detection Systems Everything You Need to Know

Leak detection systems monitor the water consumption and...

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DMS customisable gas meters

18th May 2021

Customisable Gas Meter Installation Kits from DMS...

The Gas Meter Installation Kits that are available from DMS...

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DMS Sontex UK from DMS

22nd April 2021

Sontex UK from DMS Metering Solutions

DMS Metering Solutions have been supplying the highly...

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DMS non-invasive meters

8th April 2021

Non-Invasive Metering โ€“ Measuring What Matters

Badger non-invasive meters provide a cost-effective way of...

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DMS honeywell gold distributor

9th March 2021

DMS are Proud to be Awarded Honeywell Gold...

As a global manufacturer, Honeywell review the performance...

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DMS new look quantometers

22nd February 2021

A New Look for the Honeywell QA Range of Quantometers

The QA/QAe Quantometers from Honeywell, have been given...

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DMS what is MMSP

25th January 2021

What is MMSP?

Essentially MMSP (or Metering and Monitoring Service Package)...

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DMS brand highlight

20th November 2020

Brand Highlight! Apator PoWogaz

Apator PoWogaz was first brought into our product collection...

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DMS Oval Gear Meter

6th November 2020

Industrial Oval Gear Meter

The Industrial OG meter rugged flow meter with high accuracy...

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Turbine Gas Meter

22nd October 2020

The Turbine Gas Meter that is Compact, Long Lasting...

The EQZ Gas Meter is a Turbine style meter capable of...

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Now, that is smart

12th October 2020

Now, that is smart

Data collection is becoming more and more necessary for...

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DMS proven quality

22nd September 2020

Proven Quality & Precise Measurement from Maddalena

New water meters are making a splash in the DMS product...

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DMS heat meter training

5th August 2020

DMS Heat Metering Training

We are pleased to announce that we are re-starting our training...

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DMS, chatterbox-e

28th July 2020

High Quality Isolation Unit, Here Is The Chatterbox-e...

The Chatterbox-e from DMS Metering, an opto-isolation unit...

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DMS, gas system

7th July 2020

Project Management with DMS Metering

DMS Metering Solutions have 20 years of experience in the...

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DMS, gas system

30th June 2020

Need a Cold Water Meter for Utility Use?

We supply the Honeywell Concentric V210 water meter...

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DMS, gas system

9th June 2020

Save Your Gas System From Harmful Debris

DMS Metering Solutions supply Top Hat Filters...

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DMS, honeywell

5th May 2020

Need to Apply an Accurate Billing Solution...

DMS Metering Solutions supply a wide range of Data...

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DMS Commercial In-Line Meter Image

14th April 2020

DMS Are Officially 20!

April 2020 marks a special occasion for DMS Metering...

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DMS Commercial In-Line Meter Image

13th February 2020

Commercial In-Line Oil Meter with Horizontal & Vertical...

The VZO Oil Meter from Aquametro is designed for Large scale...

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MWN Hot Water Meter Image

3rd February 2020

MWN Hot Water Meter is the Right Choice for High...

The MWN hot water meter is designed for larger/commercial...

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DMS UK Channel Partner Article Image

6th January 2020

DMS is Proud to be the UK Channel Partner for...

The gas industry has quickly identified the advantages of...

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