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Article Date: 18th May 2021

ABB - Meet Epic: A New Work Experience for Those Who Dare to Go Beyond the Visible


EPiC is the new free mobile application that lets installers, maintenance technicians and panel builders go beyond their normal way of working.

If you constantly search how to improve the way you work, EPiC is your perfect digital partner: easy and smart product configuration, installation, commissioning and assistance, feeling a unique experience in one app for the low voltage electrical distribution.

Connect to ABB Ability™ Marketplace and download the software packages ready to be uploaded in the products according to their needed configuration.

Accessorising and getting insights from alerts leveraging on Augmented Reality. Real time product information by QR code reading.

Settings configuration and reporting from products by BLE and NFC. Read diagnostic data from your smartphone or tablet.

Remote assistance functionalities for after-sales help with active reality plus a contact list ABB experts from around the globe.

Download the free EPiC app now

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