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Article Date: 16th May 2019

Gilberts (Blackpool) - Don’t be Floored by Ventilation Requirements

Underfloor Air Distribution - Floor System - Floor Grille Ventilation

Gilberts (Blackpool) - Don’t be Floored by Ventilation Requirements

Inclusion of effective underfloor air distribution (UFAD) has been simplified as a result of innovations at Gilberts Blackpool.

Historically, differences in floor system design has meant time and effort has been higher for the specification process, to ensure an accurate fit between floor pedestal and ventilation grille. Gilberts developed an innovative frame (Type 6) as the standard for its Series GF floor grilles, that delivers an accurate fit for the majority of floor structures using 600m² tiles as the core construction, which is the industry standard.

“The frame was designed to fit almost all common floor systems, even those with wider pedestals and stringers. It’s much more a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which saves time and effort in the specification and installation processes,” explained Gilberts Technical Director Roy Jones.

The frame is available across the Series GF range - light grade and heavy duty. Gilberts’ Series GF is one of the most advanced floor grille ranges available to achieve efficient underfloor air distribution that maintains an optimum temperature in the room above without stratification particularly around sensitive equipment such as computer servers.

Each delivers air volumes up to 500l/sec. Innovatively, Gilberts designed screwdriver-operated slot dampers as an option for Series GF. This reduces the grille depth compared to traditional opposed blade dampers, facilitating simpler integration into the floor system. Importantly, it gives precise control over the airflow, to eliminate risk of hot or cold spots: engineered to close tolerance for silent operation, the dampers are position lockable and completely enclosed with the grille body.

Conventional aluminium opposed blade dampers are also still available if preferred.

The grilles comprise 6mm aluminium bars set straight and fully supported at the sides on a close 13mm pitch purpose-designed to prevent snagging and heel penetration. They can withstand point loading up to 4.5KN, and even loading of up to 11Kn, (to meet EN13264:2001) in most raised floor types. Series GF grilles can be easily removed as required to provide access for cabling and utility services RMI below.

Gilberts, through its ability to manufacture all components in-house, can still offer other frame types to accommodate older types of floor system.

Founded 55 years ago, Gilberts has become Britain’s leading independent air movement specialist. Unusually, it develops all its products in-house, from design through tooling to production in its 95,000 sq ft Blackpool manufacturing facility. It is unique in its sector in having, in-house, advanced test facilities complimented by full CFD software modelling to provide unrivalled validation of in situ ventilation strategies.

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