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Article Date: 20th May 2019

Armstrong Launches New IPS 4000 Controller for Multi-Pump Installations with Variable Loads

Integrated Pumping System - HVAC Pumping Stations - Pump Control

Pictured is the Armstrong IPS 4000 Controller for multi-pump applications

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced the release of the new Integrated Pumping System (IPS 4000), an automation solution for commercial HVAC pumping stations of up to 8 pumps and 16 zones.

The new IPS 4000 automates and optimises multi-pump installations in a range of different plant configurations. Providing sequences for variable-primary, secondary or tertiary pumping system applications, it delivers significant energy savings, using Armstrong’s patented Parallel Sensorless™ Pump Control technology.

Pre-configured to leverage the capabilities of Design Envelope (the technology embedded in Armstrong pumps) the new IPS 4000 offers fast and simple setup for the most cost-effective and efficient pump control results. Designed for control of multiple pumps in both heating and cooling HVAC applications, it is capable of maximising the performance profiles of up to 8 variable speed pumps and up to 12 zones, and is suitable for both new installations and retrofit. The IPS 4000 integrates with Building Management Systems but can also provide highly effective standalone pump control where a BMS is not deployed.

As the IPS 4000 is a pre-engineered, catalogue-based solution, customers can avoid both the programming work and the related cost associated with bespoke control options.

The IPS 4000 is part of a comprehensive portfolio of HVAC solutions from Armstrong Fluid Technology and is available now for specification and selection.

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