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Article Date: 15th May 2017

LG Electronics - New Thinking for Keeping Cool… or Warm

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LG - ThinQ

With the increasing popularity of air conditioning in both residential and commercial properties, it’s not surprising that the options available are becoming more sophisticated and homeowners are becoming more demanding. For a company like LG that has built its reputation on the provision of state-of-the-art appliances with advanced electronic controls, it was only a matter of time before technology that it had built into the home appliances we see advertised on TV, would make its way into its heating and air conditioning equipment.

LG’s recently launched range of residential air conditioning equipment is now with the high tech requirements and comes with embedded Wifi. LG have a mobile connectivity package called ThinQ, designed to help the homeowner do more than cook and clean, connected appliances enables monitoring a home from virtually anywhere in the world – including controlling, viewing energy consumption or sending operational data to your service engineer, your air conditioning and heating systems are fully accessible with just the touch of a button from an app. Discover the convenience of a truly connected life is the way people want to be living – ensuring homes are always cool enough or warm enough when they walk through the door at the end of the day or when arriving back from holidays. This innovative smart home technology is changing the way people run their homes, while taking the efficiency and convenience of their appliances to new heights.

Changing the way our homes are run is becoming a reality. In just a few years we may be seeing this approach as the norm rather than something on a wish list and with LG’s vast experience in electronics and controls; it’s not surprising its taking the lead in this area. it’s hardly surprising that controlling and monitoring your heating and cooling away from your home by smart phone is growing in popularity.

A recent report from BRE suggests that cooling in air conditioning systems may account for as much as a tenth of total electricity consumption across the UK. And our climate is changing. Heat waves are becoming more frequent in this country – particularly in the south east – the number of heatwave days per year increased from 5 in 1961 to 17 in 2003 and the number is reported to have increased again since then.

LG is aware of a number of contractors across the UK that are installing air conditioning systems as the primary provider of heating, which makes a lot of sense. The same units will provide heating for most of the year and cooling when the more frequent, hotter weather strikes. Systems can be easily added to utilise the conservatory all year round.

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