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Article Date: 22nd March 2021

BRUGG Pipes - The New Generation of Monitoring Devices

BRUGG new generation monitoring devices

BRUGG Pipes presents LEAKGUARD, the new generation of devices for leakage monitoring of local and district heating pipes.

In district heating networks, detecting leaks at an early stage ensures largely trouble-free operation. Repairs can be carried out in good time before the pipeline fails completely.

The LEAKGUARD district heating pipe monitoring system monitors the insulation and loop resistance of a pair of wires in the insulation layer of district heating pipes (both “Nordic System” and Brandes NiCr) according to EN 14419.


Easiest possible commissioning operation and simple operation – that is LEAKGUARD Basic. Alarm signals (lamps, sirens, etc.) can be controlled via integrated output contacts. LEAKGUARD Basic monitors the flow and return of a district heating pipe on 2 channels in parallel. For this purpose, it permanently measures the insulation and loop resistance of a pair of wires in the insulation of your pipe system according to EN 14419.

In the event of leaks in the pipe, interruption of the measuring loop or the pipe connections, it immediately sounds the alarm and thus helps to prevent major damage and losses. The insulation and loop resistance alarms can be acknowledged via device keys. The configuration, input of limit values for the loop resistance and the insulation resistance as well as the readout of the measured values can be carried out on site with a laptop using a web browser via the Ethernet interface. No additional operator software is necessary.


Battery-powered and LTE-based 2-channel district and local heating pipe monitoring device in the UMS network.

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