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Article Date: 9th March 2020

nVent RAYCHEM Offers the Best Expertise & Training - Our Certified PRO Programme

nVent RAYCHEM Certified PRO Programme Image

We take pride in building industry leading electric floor heating products and partnering with experienced floor heating tile and electrical installers. We want to equip you with the best expertise and training to install and use RAYCHEM products. That is why we created the Certified PRO Programme.

Don’t Miss Out on the Opportunity to Become a nVent RAYCHEM-certified Installer!

If you are looking into ways to develop your business and expand your commercial activities, joining the certified PRO installer programme could be your fast track to business growth. Put your business in the driving seat with comprehensive product and installation training, useful tips and hints, and support on heat-tracing projects. Strengthen your position in the market and make your business the first choice for potential customers.

Is your business a success? Then the RAYCHEM installer programme is for you.

The Certified PRO programme is exclusively for licensed electricians. Every electrical installation engineer becomes a RAYCHEM-Certified PRO installer. Upon successful completion of the Certified PRO training, each company and individual installer is allocated their own Certified PRO registration number.

Certification is valid for 10 years and certified PRO installers are authorised to extend the standard manufacturer's warranty for all future installations registered via our website within 30 days of installation completion.

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