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Article Date: 23rd March 2020

Güntner - New 2020 Version of the Güntner Product Calculator Now Available

Guntner New Product Calculator Image

Our years of experience in installing heat exchangers in the greatest variety of applications have brought us a wealth of experience in this area. The depth of our application knowledge and our capable consulting services ensure our strength in this market. We are pleased to provide this information to you in a manner fully categorised by topic.

Quick and reliable thermodynamic calculation for designing your specific unit.

All you have to do is enter the required application data into the easy-to-use GPC interface. Based on your indicated operating conditions (desired refrigerant or coolant, ambient humidity, evaporator and condenser temperatures) and the accessories required, the software will perform an exact thermodynamic calculation (even for unusual applications).

The clear benefits of the GPC:

• All product data are available in electronic form

• Interface and printout are available in 15 languages

• The software is suitable for all operating conditions

• After calculations are complete, a data sheet can be printed out for submission

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