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Article Date: 5th March 2018

CAREL - Complete Solution for Data Centres on Show in London (Stand D250)

Data Centres - Data Centre World - Electronic Expansion Valves


At Data Centre World, to be held on 21 and 22 March in London, CAREL will be presenting its complete solution for data centres, with the focus on efficiency and energy saving both on each individual device and across the entire system.

Over the last 40 years, CAREL has been investing in research and development so as to offer highly-efficient technology and increase its specific knowledge of data centre applications, with the objective of maximising the benefits provided by the entire solution. The result is a complete range centred around energy saving and efficiency.

One of the key technologies that CAREL has introduced into this market is the use of electronic expansion valves (EEV) to control the refrigerant circuit. This maximises performance in all conditions by increasing cooling unit efficiency. In addition, the wide modulation capacity of electronic expansion valves allows lower condensing pressures and, consequently, a reduction in power consumption at certain outside temperatures (overnight or during colder months). While in warmer periods the valve ensures savings of around 4/5%, when taking into account the reduction in power consumption, savings over the entire year are as high as 15%.

Another highly important aspect is the control system for DC compressors. The CAREL inverter can control compressors on the latest Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC), with a direct expansion system that modulates cooling capacity so as to deliver the right air temperature to meet requirements. The inverter also helps provide redundancy: having units operating at 75% means there is reserve cooling capacity available if a problem occurs on another unit. This means the units operate most of the time at part load, bringing energy savings of up to 25/30%.

The CAREL solution for data centres is enhanced and completed by the new humiSonic direct ultrasonic humidifier. Very low energy consumption (less than 80 W per litre of atomised water) makes humiSonic the ideal solution for data centres and all applications where humidity control can be managed exploiting part of the sensible heat generated inside the controlled environment. These low running costs ensure humiSonic a return on investment in just a few months.

Monitoring system
The increasing need to monitor different devices, receive alarm notifications and be able to set parameters centrally means monitoring solutions are now essential. CAREL boss is the ideal product for both small data centers, often not equipped with supervisory systems, and for larger data centers, being able to integrate the cooling and power systems into a higher-level BMS (DCIM). Connectivity, secure data and browsing, customised graphics, ambient monitoring (serial and wireless probes) and power consumption monitoring are the main benefit of CAREL solution. Now with the New size called “mini-boss” there is the perfect solution for small installations; the value proposition is completed by the Remote Pro that offers the possibility to have a central data collection from multiple sites providing services like data analysis.

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