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Article Date: 22nd March 2018

Belimo Automation - The Butterfly Valves & Actuators from Belimo are Now Available as a 3-Way Solution

Butterfly Valves - Valves and Actuators - Belimo Assistant App

Belimo butterfly valves and actuators

The butterfly valves and actuators from Belimo meet all the high HVAC requirements. Their innovative technology, which was especially designed for HVAC, helps to save time and money.

Because the butterfly valves and actuators were developed together, they perfectly match each other and remain maintenance-free throughout their entire lifecycle. Belimo butterfly valves can be used universally as tight-closing 2-way and 3-way valves for open-close, change-over and control applications (as mixing and diverting valves). The energy-efficient and multifunctional actuators guarantee this flexibility

All actuators are fitted with Near Field Communication (NFC). This allows the actuators to be started up in a matter of minutes via a smartphone using the Belimo Assistant app. They are also very easy to parameterise, and their operating conditions can also be displayed in this manner.

Belimo has also succeeded in reducing the torque requirement of the butterfly valves and the power consumption of the actuator. Energy demand can be cut by up to 80% with the new butterfly valve and actuator combination.

The latest Belimo technology for butterfly valves and actuators is the most energy-efficient and reliable solution in the HVAC sector. The main focus of the product series is the simplicity of its installation, the flexibility of its application and its durability.

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