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Article Date: 27th June 2018

Wienerberger Showcases its Support for Women in the Industry

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Wienerberger showcases its support for women in the engineering industry

With just 11% of women making up the entire engineering workforce in the UK, building materials manufacturer Wienerberger promotes diversity and gender equality throughout the company by encouraging more women to enter the sector. Following International Women in Engineering Day, which took place in June, Wienerberger is highlighting the success of Pippa Salt and Laura Emms, two Continuous Improvement Engineers at the company.

Working as Continuous Improvement Engineers, Laura and Pippa analyse designs and processes, to see if they can identify any areas in which improvements can be made. As part of a very varied role, one day they could be working on the factory floor helping with training and workshops, and the next they could be working at their desk analysing data. Boasting industry qualifications and a wealth of experience, Pippa and Laura share their career progression and offer advice on how other women can get involved in such a thriving and developing industry.

Spotlight on Laura Emms, Continuous Improvement Engineer at Wienerberger
“I had never considered a career in the brick and roof tile manufacturing industry before applying for the role of Continuous Improvement Engineer with Wienerberger. Based on the interview alone, Wienerberger came across as a great place to work, offering a wealth of opportunities to learn. The people are also very open to sharing and discussing new ideas, which also attracted me to the company.

“After graduating from Loughborough University in 2012 with a First Class Honours in Innovative Manufacturing Engineering, I was employed as a Graduate Engineer with Jaguar Land Rover for two years, before being promoted to Engineer. I then moved to Siemens Wind Power when I became a Process and Industrial Engineer for two years, before joining Wienerberger at the end of last year as a Continuous Improvement Engineer.

“Even after just five months working for Wienerberger, I am truly enjoying my job, and I love that I get to work with a variety of people on a day-to-day basis across various projects. Working in the construction material manufacturing sector offers the variety and progression that many other industries do not. I would never have expected to be where I am today, and I’m really grateful to Wienerberger for giving me the opportunity to develop my career in engineering.

“I understand why some women may feel hesitant to join a male-dominated industry such as engineering, however I have never experienced any prejudice working with Wienerberger, and I encourage other women to consider a career in the industry. It is my belief and that of the company that if you showcase your skill set and you work hard, you will be viewed positively as a professional in the industry, regardless of gender.”

Spotlight on Pippa Salt, Continuous Improvement Engineer at Wienerberger
“I was originally attracted to working in the brick and roof tile manufacturing industry as it is still in its infancy when it comes to lean manufacturing and technology, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for change and growth. This is an industry where changes can be made quickly, and the impact is almost immediate, which is very rewarding! It’s exciting to be part of that journey and being part of a team which will help make sure that Wienerberger can achieve its commitments and targets year on year as a leader in the industry.

“My biggest career highlight has been starting my role with Wienerberger, and encouraging teams to think differently about how they operate. Each day offers so much variety and the chance to work with many different people. Working across three sites, including Smeed Dean, Warnham and Ewhurst, I get to take a more holistic view on how the teams operate, getting involved in everything from safety, quality assurance, production, technical, design and more – there’s never a dull day!

“For people who are considering an engineering career in the manufacturing sector, I would recommend developing skills including communication and negotiation. Knowledge around Lean Manufacturing tools and how they can be effectively deployed, as well as a good understanding of change management, can all help to prepare for a role in the industry.

“It is no question that being a female engineer is rare at the moment, however I want this to change and it’s great that Wienerberger is encouraging women to consider careers in engineering and manufacturing. The future of manufacturing is looking bright with the advancement of new technologies and digitalisation, and I believe that the UK has the opportunity to lead the way. The brick and roof tile manufacturing industry is a very exciting place to work and I strongly encourage those with an interest to look for opportunities and get involved now.”

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