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Article Date: 11th June 2018

CK Direct - Iceland Food Manufacturing Plant

Iceland Frozen Foods - Kitchen Extraction - Greater Manchester Council

CK Direct - Kitchen Ventilation

Iceland frozen foods is a household brand, manufacturing all types of ready meals such as fish and chips, pizza and the Slimming World ready meal brand. Producing hundreds of tonnes of food per week and supplying over 800 stores nationwide, it goes without saying that an efficient, economical and safe process is essential.

Their kitchens work 12 hours per day, 7 days a week. The extract system was not coping with the amount of steam and fumes within the canopy area and all of the smoke was gathering inside the canopy. The system was fitted only 12 months prior to the issue arising and with the amount of smoke emitted and not being pulled up through the ducting, it became a huge health and safety concern and resulted in odour complaints.

Several complaints from tenants on the industrial estate regarding odour had come to a head with Greater Manchester Council. The odour was so intense that a final warning and 28 day notice from Greater Manchester Council EHO Department was received.

Our Actions

With 28 days to resolve the issue and a potential closure, CK Direct were called in to advise and inspect the installation. There was an odour neutraliser unit and Ultra Violet Light (UV) fitted to the ductwork that removed odour but it was obvious that the system was not efficient enough or big enough to cope.

CK Direct - Iceland Frozen FoodsThe issue had progressed over a 12 month period because the EHO Officer allowed them to try and rectify the issues with different methods of cooking.

CK Direct carried out work at the Head Office’s staff kitchen and were recommended by the Mechanical Consultants. It became clear very quickly that the innovative Ozocube™, an Ozone Generated Deodoriser would rectify the issue. The Ozocube™ offered a cost effective solution and a simple solution compared to alternatives, such as a carbon filtration system for 4 main reasons:

  • The ease of a retro-fit installation, causing no down-time whatsoever.
  • The maintenance costs are 75% cheaper than a carbon system.
  • As well as odour removal the Ozocube is extremely effective on removing grease, this again has saved a fortune on duct cleaning costs.
  • Most importantly, there is nothing for the staff to worry about. They go into work in the morning, turn the fans on and the Ozocube™ works automatically.

Every 6 months, CK Direct make an appointment to change the filters without issue and the system is working efficiently, rectifying the smoke and the odour problem.

CK Direct - Iceland Frozen FoodsCK have been involved in the meetings with EHO after the installation to ensure any questions or queries are dealt with. CK have provided an innovative solution to a major odour problem.

The after service and support has been excellent. CK have been on site every three months to ensure the system is working to specification and the ozone levels are where they need to be.

We are looking to expand the production area and will ensure CK are invited to tender for the work, which would include the use of their innovative ozone odour control system.

Nick Stone
Production Manager, Iceland Frozen Foods

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