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Article Date: 12th June 2018

CK Direct - Gino D’Acampo - My Pasta Bar

Gino D’Acampo - My Pasta Bar - Carbon Filtration System

CK Direct - My Pasta Bar

Gino D’Acampo’s My Pasta Bar on Fleet Street in London had received several complaints from the offices above about bad odours emitting from the kitchen. Neighbours complained of a strong smell of garlic in the mornings and spicy smells during the course of the day.

After 6 months of trials in the kitchen to try and rectify the problem, and discussions with the offices affected, the issue became an urgent one. The offices affected were threatening legal action if the issue wasn’t resolved.

The odour system was proving to be insufficient and was an inconvenience to manage. The staff at My Pasta Bar needed something that would not only eliminate the smell and stop the complaints but also last, be cost-effective and easily maintained.

Our Actions

CK Direct were called in to survey the original installation and rectify the major issue that the kitchen was now faced with. CK Direct could immediately understand why the maintenance and management of the unit was so inconvenient. The unit needed topping up with liquid on a regular basis, which cost around £400 every month to source.

CK Direct - My Pasta Bar The kitchen had already tried increasing the amount of liquid used and even changing their cooking patterns but Tony Ricciardi, Managing Director at CK Direct saw 2 simple solutions that would rectify the issue and allow the restaurant to continue their normal cooking patterns.

One solution was a carbon filtration system which included a pre-filter but it was the next option that was the most enticing to the staff and managers at My Pasta Bar. The Ozocube™ is an Ozone Generated Deodoriser.

The Ozocube™ offered an extremely easy solution for 3 main reasons:

  • The ease of a retro-fit installation, causing no down-time whatsoever.
  • The maintenance costs are 75% cheaper than a carbon system, as there are no carbons or pre-filters to change.
  • Most importantly, there is nothing for the staff to worry about. They go into work in the morning, turn the fans on and the Ozocube™ works automatically.

Every 6 months, CK Direct make an appointment to change the filters without issue and as a result, are fitting Ozocube™ in all new Individual Restaurants and retrofitting existing Gino D’Acampo kitchens.

CK Direct - My Pasta Bar This unit has certainly made our lives easier with the office staff above and I can state 100%, that we have had no complaints since the units were fitted in September 2017.

Chris Green
General Manager, Gino D’Acampo - My Pasta Bar

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