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Article Date: 16th July 2019

TheisCraft Launches New IRIS Room Controller

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TheisCraft IRIS Room Controller

IRIS has been developed in response to a growing need for a range of ‘SimpleTech’ products to meet industry’s increasing need for technology which can control many different services within hotel or residential rooms.

The IRIS Room Controller is latest in the development of a suite of TheisCraft’s Multiload Controls products e.g. LEDrose and Take Control and can be used in conjunction with those products seamlessly.

The complexity of the modern building is such that manufacturers are developing more and more technology to meet the requirements of commercial and residential properties and the needs of the end user. The approach we have adopted for IRIS is a simple check list of functions required by the relevant specifier or installer. Once confirmed we can provide the product and it’s simply a ‘Fit & Forget’ install.

So what is IRIS?

IRIS is designed to control lighting, heating, audio visual systems and interfaces to BMS and room monitoring systems. With systems that currently exist you typically end up with numerous elements of equipment to achieve these requirements.

Unique Features:

  • Noise free switching which in Hotels and Residential projects is a must.
  • No Commissioning needed.
  • The unit has configurable outputs for controlling Solenoids, Blind Motors and direct interface to the Multiload Take Control Module.
  • One interesting feature is that two of the mains switches have an In-rush current limiter built in so that the chances of tripping the MCB is greatly reduced.
  • IRIS is a single din module that includes all the above in a module that measures just 158mm x 86mm x 59mm. Suitable for mounting in any din-rail type of enclosure or distribution board. The core product provides 6 switching outputs which are all silent operation particularly useful in hotel and home bedrooms.
  • Iris will provide two driver outputs individually for Occupancy indication such as on the outside of hotel bedrooms or call system. It can be configured for interfacing with RS232 communication.
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