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Article Date: 31st July 2019

Purus Limited Renew BBA Certificate for 2019 to Include More Drainage Products than Ever

BBA Certificate - Wetroom Drainage - Level-Access Floor Gullies

Purus Limited Renew BBA Certificate

Purus Limited, the manufacturer of wetroom drainage and level-access floor gullies, are very proud to have held BBA (British Board of Agrément) Certification on many of their products since their launch in the UK over a decade ago. Purus feel that it has always been key to setting them apart within the wetroom drainage market and remains a big part of why many architects, contractors and designers discover and continue to choose Purus and their products for their most prestigious projects. Having BBA Certification on many of their products assures Purus’ customers that they have been fully assessed and certified by the British Board of Agrément, making them a trusted manufacturer with full technical approval.

The British Board of Agrément is the UK’s leading construction certification body. Based in Watford, Hertfordshire, the BBA offer testing and approval services throughout the construction industry and their certification is recognised as a highly trusted symbol of quality, assurance and integrity. BBA Certification, including that recently published on behalf of Purus, is a mark of excellence and has rigorous testing standards based on British and European standards. Purus’ BBA Certification validates formulation, capability and uniqueness for their range of certified products.

Previous versions of Purus’ BBA Certificate have included their popular Mini Series floor gullies, other floor gullies in plastic and stainless steel and their Purusline Living linear channel drains for tiled floors, alongside a range of accessories including the NOOD no-odour combined mechanical and water trap.

Excitingly, the launch of Purus’ updated Certificate for 2019 sees the addition of even more of their product ranges, which have now been fully tested and approved by the British Board of Agrément. Their 59mm S-Series floor gully and 59mm Purus Line linear channel ranges, both suitable for super low-level screeds, are now BBA Certified; as well as their Purusline Living Plus linear drainage range for vinyl flooring. Purus are delighted that these recently launched product ranges are now not only products which the manufacturer can be proud of, but that they also now have the added assurance and credibility which the British Board of Agrément offer. Purus are excited to see what future opportunities the updated accreditation brings and to get involved with more projects than ever.

To view or download Purus’ updated BBA Certification, or to view further product information including technical drawings, images and installation instructions, please visit Purus’ website at www.purusgroup.com. You can also contact Purus directly by using the email option below. Products are available to purchase from Purus’ distributors.

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