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Article Date: 17th July 2019

Pilkington - CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

Continuing Professional Development - CPD Seminars - RIBA CPD Providers

Pilkington - CPD

We are a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and offer architects and other construction professionals high-quality CPD material delivered at your own premises.

Pilkington and Glass
This is a new seminar approved by RIBA and provides attendees with a greater understanding of glass as a material and product. The seminar discusses:

  • How glass is manufactured and the functions it can perform
  • Point-fixed structural glazing
  • Solar control and thermal insulation
  • Fire protection and Self-cleaning coatings

Glass & Structural Glazing Systems

This online course aims to highlight what the architect/specifier should consider when specifying/designing structural glazing systems:

  • Explanation of the design principles and components involved
  • Understanding of typical production and manufacturing routes
  • Typical applications and support structures
  • Testing, Health & Safety considerations

Glass for Fire Resistance

This online course looks at confidence in specifying the fire-resistant glass:

  • Effects of heat on glass
  • Integrity and insulation explained
  • When to specify fire-resistant glass
  • What to look for in a fire-resistant glass
  • The products available in the market

Glass for Energy Management

Detailed knowledge about what to look for in a fire screen, how it performs and manages to protect properties and human lives in a fire:

  • How clear, tinted and coated glasses are manufactured
  • Emissivity - what it is and its role in controlling heat loss
  • Solar heat transmission - different glass types and their coatings
  • The physical limitations imposed by the solar spectrum (light vs heat)

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