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Article Date: 20th July 2018

FläktGroup - New VAV Range Meets Demand for Controlled IAQ with Ultrasound Technology

FläktGroup OPTIVENT - VAV Dampers - VAV Systems - Ultrasound Technology


With advanced airflow analysis based on ultrasound technology, FläktGroup has officially launched the unique OPTIVENT®ULTRA, which is set to provide customers with simplified commissioning and installation, lowered lifecycle costs and unprecedented levels of comfort.

FläktGroup OPTIVENT® is the latest addition to its line of VAV Dampers that have now been optimised with cutting-edge innovation. With the ultrasound technology, consultants, builders, property owners and construction companies can entirely avoid traditional risks and disadvantages in VAV systems.

For instance, this unique solution is low noise, resilient to dust and is entirely maintenance-free as the construction and materials are not subject to wear and tear. OPTIVENT®ULTRA requires no safety distances to bends and T-pieces, as ultrasound measures the entire air flow, which makes it resilient to turbulence.

Flakt Woods - Timo KaasalainenTimo Kaasalainen, global product manager at FläktGroup, comments: “Indoor pollutants are increasingly recognised as affecting overall health, cognitive function and mood. Inadequate ventilation can hinder one’s ability to focus, thus affecting productivity.

“The measuring precision of our ultrasound technology means that exactly the correct amount of air is supplied at any given moment. Not too little, impairing comfort or health, and not too much, causing draft and unnecessary energy consumption.

“As a leading company in ventilation, we strive to meet and exceed requirements, so that we can provide the best, most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial product that meets the needs of near future zero-energy buildings.”

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