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Article Date: 18th July 2018

Carlo Gavazzi - Environmental Monitoring & Control Solutions

Environmental Monitoring - Air Quality - Humidity Monitoring - Energy Monitoring

Carlo Gavazzi - Environmental Monitoring & Control Solutions

At Carlo Gavazzi, we believe that monitoring air quality is a key part of environmental control for a variety of applications including academic and commercial buildings, retail outlets, restaurants, bars and cinemas ensuring a more comfortable and healthy environment.

Humidity monitoring and control is paramount where a building’s contents are particularly sensitive to damp and condensation such as libraries, stately homes and archives, whereas temperature regulation is used for keeping occupants comfortable and at the same time preventing over heating to keep energy consumption to a minimum.

As part of the smart Dupline® system we offer a range of CO2/temperature and humidity solutions providing reliable and accurate readings, outstanding long-term stability and minimal maintenance, with the added advantage of low installation cost utilising the versatile smart Dupline® bus system.

  • With or without numeric display
  • Traffic light option for CO2 models
  • All models powered by the Dupline® Bus network – no need for separate power supply
  • Flexible and scalable solution
  • Free topology for bus wiring
  • No special cable required
  • All points available via BACnet over IP
  • Adaptable for design changes / additions
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