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Article Date: 25th January 2021

Electrium - It’s Good to be Single

Electrium good to be single

Prevent fires. Protect people. Protect Property. Electrium’s single module arc fault detection devices do just that.

This clever bit of technology can help prevent fires from electrical faults which would have previously gone undetected.

Our single module arc fault detection devices, from Crabtree and Wylex, are now just 18mm wide, only use one way in the consumer unit but still combines MCB & RCD with AFDD technology to offer 3 levels of fire prevention and protection in one device.

 They are suitable for new installations and retrofit upgrades and are easy to install. Crabtree single module arc fault detection devices can be retrofitted into any existing Starbreaker board without taking up any more space than an MCB! So, all you do is plug the device into the busbar for instant guaranteed connections. Wylex single module AFDDs can also be retrofitted into existing consumer units (except on balcony busbars) and are ideal for brand new installations.

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